Big Bundle Bonus

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It’s the best bang for your buck!

GTE is welcoming in our new members with a bang! Planning on getting a new credit card, or opening a checking account with GTE Financial? Bundle it up at one of our Community Financial Centers, and you will get 50 bucks!*

Maybe you’re about to buy or refinance your car? Combine this with our 50 Buck Bundle at one of our Community Financial Centers, and you’ll get 100 bucks!*

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Qualifying is easy! Check out the list of qualifications below for each bundle:

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Want to make your bonus even bigger? You betcha!

For each additional loan, credit card, or line of credit you open with GTE, you will earn a bonus $50!* 

Our Products

Ready to learn more about GTE Financial's products? Click the links below for more information on each product:

Credit Cards Auto Loan or Refinance
Home Equity or HELOC Home Loans
Personal Loan Checking Accounts
Recreational Vehicle Loan eStatements


*Offer valid until June 30. Auto loan or refinance must be $10,000 or higher. Each additional loan or line of credit must also be $10,000 or higher to qualify for the $50 bonus bucks. Must sign up for two Big Benefit Enrollments by end of the calendar month of opening account to qualify for bundle bonuses. Bonuses will be paid out the first week of the calendar month following the bundle sign-up, and will be deposited into the members’ Checking Account. Member must be 18 or older to qualify. Only Free Checking and College Checking accounts are eligible as “Checking Accounts” for $50 Buck Bundle. Offer valid only when opened at a GTE Financial Community Financial Center or with a GTE representative. Loans in each bundle must be new loans with GTE or refinanced from another institution. Refinanced loans that were previously financed through GTE do not apply.