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GTE Financial Can Help!

GTE has a wealth of free resources and tools to keep you money savvy every month of the year. 

No matter where you are in life: buying your first car, needing information for your first mortgage, looking to save for your child’s college, or wondering just how much money you’ll need to retire, we're here for you. 

Financial Education

Our Community Financial Educators provide FREE Financial Literacy Workshops and hands-on learning to our partners.

Shawn Lanier
Sr. Community Financial Educator

rsz_attachment5.jpgAs the Sr. Community Financial Educator for GTE Financial I am responsible for designing and delivering financial wellness workshops. I enjoy working at GTE Financial because I have a passion for helping others understand how to have a healthier financial future.  If I could describe GTE Financial in one word it would be empowering.  

Lisa Cathey
Community Engagement Specialist 


As a Community Engagement Specialist here at GTE Financial, I cultivate Community Relationships through business partnerships and Financial Education. I enjoy working at GTE Financial because it gives me the opportunity to change lives. If I could describe GTE Financial in one word, it would be "innovative", because we are constantly growing and thriving as an organization.