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CURewards is Sunsetting July 12

We’ve got you covered!

We know that your points matter! This summer, we will be launching GTE Go Points, built to give more value back to our wonderful membership! In order to prepare for bigger and better rewards, our current Credit and Debit Points Program, CURewards will be ending on July 12, 2017. But, not to worry. Our upgraded experience will launch shortly after…and it's going to knock your socks off!

You keep your points!

Best of all, any points members have accumulated with CURewards will be moved over at the same value as today. For Debit Card points that are moved over, members will have 12 full months to use before they expire! Credit Card points that are moved over will expire naturally, based on the CURewards schedule. 

Can I still redeem for the same great stuff?

Absolutely! With GTE Go Points, you will still be able to use your points for things like cash back, travel, gift cards and merchandise! The big difference you'll enjoy is more options and more ways to earn points faster. With CURewards, you can only earn points on eligible Debit and Credit Card transactions. With the new rewards experience, you'll be able to earn points on other products and services like loans, referrals as well as account features.  

Key Dates:

  • April 1 – Debit Card CURewards Mall Turned Off
    • With CURewards Mall, retailers create offers for members to earn points
    • On this date, those campaigns will be unavailable for Debit Cards
  • April 28 – Debit Card Points Turned Off
    • Existing and new Debit Cards will no longer earn CURewards points
  • June 1 – Credit Cards CURewards Mall Turned Off
    • On this date, retailer campaigns via the CURewards Mall will no longer be available for Credit Cards
  • June Statement Cycle – Credit Card Points Turned Off
    • Last day to earn new CURewards Credit Card points is based on your statement
    • (Ex. If your billing date is June 30, your last day to earn points is June 30)
    • Any Credit Card points earned from the last day of your statement cycle until the date the new rewards program launches will be tracked and applied to the new program!
  • July 12 – This is the last day members can redeem or trade points on CURewards
  • July 13 – The CURewards website will no longer be accessible - if you to try to login, you may receive an error message
  • Shortly after in July – GTE Go Points will launch! Hooray! You will be able to access the new program in Online Banking.

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