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GTE Financial is on TV & Radio!

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2015 Campaigns

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2014 Campaigns

Have you seen our "we're different too" commercials yet? They feature REAL members who - like the rest of our over 216,000 members - have their own unique story to tell. We're happy to hear them and know we have something valuable to offer every member - no matter who they are, where they come from... or even how many chickens they have. 

Meet Crystal:

Youtube video of tv commercial - We are different too

Meet Todd:

 YouTube video Meet Todd

Meet Josh:

Meet Josh video image 

Meet The Weightlifter:


Clothing Optional:


If you watch the Sun Sports network, you'll meet Rays fans who are fans of mobile banking:

Youtube video - Meet the rays fans

Interested in telling your GTE story?

We would love to hear from you! And who knows - maybe you'll be the next member we feature in a TV commercial! (Let us know in the "Tell us your story" section if you're interested in being part of a casting call.)

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