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Going Beyond for Community

Philanthropy is a Responsibility community-involvement-17-Landing-Page-Image.jpg

and a Privilege

Our Charitable Mission

GTE Financial approaches philanthropy as a responsibility to the community - a privilege that we wholeheartedly view as a fundamental purpose and reason for existing.

We believe in “people helping people”. Our charitable mission is to benefit the community through our passionate support of local philanthropies, organizations, charities and initiatives that further the reach and impact of Financial Literacy and Homeownership, with a special interest in helping to build personal prosperity.

Benefitting Our Community

When someone in the Tampa Bay footprint hears the name GTE Financial, we want our brand to be synonmous with community. Through our philanthropic endeavors the ultimate purpose is to give back; being a not-for-profit credit union, we have a unique ability and belief that when we grow, our obligation and privilege is to do more and return more.

Charity is a year-round commitment!

  • Corporate Charitable Efforts: Our Executive Team and Leadership Team all volunteer on boards and committees, providing long-term support for some of Tampa Bay's most impactful charitable organizations: Boys & Girls Club, Tighten the Drag Foundation, American Heart Association, YMCA and Southeastern Guide Dogs, just to name a few.
  • Monthly Charities: Every year, the credit union selects 1 charity per month to rally behind based on employee suggestions. Staff can donate every Wednesday to wear jeans and support the effort!
  • Holiday Charities: Near and dear to our hearts, we raise funds, contributions and volunteer during this special time of year.
  • GTE Cares Program: Through this unique chartered program GTE provides extra funds for employee volunteers and team programs.
  • GTE Foundation: Entirely established as a charitable trust, GTE raises funds to support local philanthropic endeavors, most notably, hosting the GTE Scholarship Scramble, raising money for member student scholarships.
  • Community Involvement: GTE is very active when it comes to giving back. Whether it’s volunteering, contributing money to charitable organizations, or even just thanking our members in the form of fun events, GTE understands that it’s important to be involved if you want to make a difference.
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