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Wheels Of Success

$100 LandingWheels for Working Families

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Wheels of Success is a non-profit organization that helps Bay area residents find reliable transportation to their jobs.  They offer families the resources needed to keep working and sustain their independence.  Since 2003, Wheels of Success has provided more than 500 vehicles and an additional 500 car-related services to Tampa Bay area families...sometimes, the key to success is simply...a key. Help support WOS with a donation!

GTE Financial & Wheels of Success - Testimonial


"Dig It Car Sale Landing Page ImageGTE Financial supports us with time, treasure and talent! One of their employees, Tina Narron, serves on our Board as our Vice Chair and is an active Board member providing both expertise in the area of lending and time with all of our major events, co-chairing our major fundraiser R.A.C.E. in the spring. WOS has been able to expand our vehicle sales, a social enterprise that offers a lending program that will finance up to $7500 with no interest over 3 years through the tremendous talent and treasure of the professionals at GTE Financial. WOS offers this program to our applicants and previous WOS clients who are also low-to-moderate income, and it offers a tremendous benefit to those who are working to establish or repair their credit, a prospect that can be a daunting “Catch-22”: How can you build up credit if no one will give you the opportunity?


Since the program was initiated in December 2013, we have increased our net income by 25%, and attribute this success to our ability to offer this program, made possible by GTE Financial. The tremendous support of GTE Financial has not been limited to this successful lending program. WOS has reaped the financial rewards of their in-kind donation of four vehicles, cars that they would have been able to sell, and instead, allow WOS to sell them, investing the profits back into the program, with assets totaling over $30,000 per year.


The professionals at GTE Financial have been generous with their time as well. It is impossible to measure the monetary value of an introduction by a GTE Financial Executive to one of its partners, who then becomes a supporter of Wheels of Success. For that reason, and for all the ways that GTE Financial has supported us, we consider them a priceless partner and the true spirit of corporate philanthropy.”


- Susan Jacobs | Founder & CEO Wheels of Success

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