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Philanthropy is a Responsibility and a Privilege

Our Charitable Mission

GTE Financial approaches philanthropy as a responsibility to the community - a privilege that we wholeheartedly view as a fundamental purpose and reason for existing. As a not-for-profit financial institution, we focus on giving back instead of obsessing over profit. In fact, GTE donated over $690,000 to local charities in 2019!

We believe in “people helping people”. Our charitable mission is to benefit the community through our passionate support of local philanthropies, organizations, charities and initiatives that further the reach and impact of Financial Literacy and Home-ownership, with a special interest in helping to build personal prosperity. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Our employees truly are the heart and soul of our organization. Throughout the year, they rally around our Monthly Charities and provide support through fundraisers, personal contributions, and volunteering.

In 2019, employees of GTE provided over 4,800 volunteer hours to local charities and community organizations!

Become a Philanthropist too...Join GTE!

GTE Financial offers all of the products and services that you would expect at a large bank, but since we are a not-for-profit, we have better rates and fewer fees than our for-profit counterparts. Every time you use a GTE product, whether it is one of our credit cards, loans, or checking accounts, you're helping enrich the lives of those in the Tampa Bay community.




Small Change Can Make a BIG Difference

For those that want to give back even more, GTE's Future Change allows you to round up your transactions to the nearest dollar to benefit local charities. Click the Future Change button below to learn more!

GTE and we...going beyond money!



Charity is a Year-Round Commitment

Together, GTE employees and members support local Tampa Bay charities and organizations throughout the entire year! Here's how:

Corporate Charitable Efforts

Our Executive Team and Leadership Team all volunteer on boards and committees, providing long-term support for some of Tampa Bay's most impactful charitable organizations: Boys & Girls Club, Tighten the Drag Foundation, American Heart Association, YMCA and Southeastern Guide Dogs, just to name a few.

GTE Cares Program

The credit union philosophy of “People Helping People” is what GTE Financial employees live by.

We consider it a responsibility and a privilege to give back to the communities we live in and serve. GTE employees have taken great pride in contributing time and money to meaningful charities and causes within the Tampa Bay area. With the GTE Cares program, individual efforts have an even greater impact.

Our Cares Program Consists of:

  • Matching employees’ donations to qualifying organizations
  • Recognizing top annual volunteers with donations to their charity of choice
  • The GTE Cares team actively participates in charity and fundraising events across the Bay

2020 Monthly Charities

GTE Financial Raised Over $690K for local charities in 2019! 

GTE employees work, play and live in the communities we serve, so it's only natural that we give back. And our members really rallied behind us, too. Thank you for all your contributions and support of the causes important to each of us.

Last year, during the 2019 holidays we helped 4 GTE member families in need!

In December, the selected families received a special holiday shopping trip as well as a holiday dinner afterward. GTE employee volunteers donated their time to deliver cheer to member families they personally nominated that were in need during the holiday season. 

We made quite an impact throughout the rest of 2019

Just to name a few, we have raised $38,000 for the American Heart Association, over $31,000 for Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay, $20,000 for the Tighten the Drag Foundation, and over $16,000 for Junior Achievement.

List of Monthly Charities for 2020 

  • January: Southeastern Guide Dogs 
  • February: Junior Achievement
  • March: Tighten the Drag Foundation 
  • April: YMCA
  • May: Life Link
  • June: Autism Speaks
  • July: Boys & Girls Club
  • August: United Way Suncoast
  • September: Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
  • October: American Heart Association
  • November: Wheels of Success
  • December: Feeding Tampa Bay 

To make a monetary contribution to one or all of these wonderful organizations, click 'Donate' below.

PayPal Donate

Please indicate the name of the charity in the "Note" section once on our PayPal page. If you prefer to donate cash or by check, you can do so at any GTE Community Financial Center location.

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