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Scholarship Scramble

Student Scholarship Golf Scramble

What you should know:

The Scramble tournament is our #1 fundraiser for GTE's Student Scholarships.

It's wicked fun and definitely not your grandpa's day on the links.

Our Goal:

That our 8th annual Scholarship Scramble will help raise money for local student scholarships. We're aiming to award up to 50 this year - and that all of our players and sponsors have more fun than they can handle!    

Below is everything you need to know about this great fundraiser!

Be A Sponsor

The Tournament

Eat. Drink. Play. Stay.

Last Year's Highlights 

We have a whole team dedicated to you!

If you have any questions or need anything, here's a list of all the GTE Financial tournament gurus. Just shoot us an email or call 813.871.2690 and dial the 5 digit extension of the person you'd like to reach. 


Tournament Director: Steven Robinson

[email protected] or ext. 44750

Event Coordinator: Julie Smith

[email protected] or ext. 44512

Donations Coordinator: Ashley Miller

[email protected] or ext. 44752