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Fraud Alert

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Thank you for reading! We recently became aware of a potential email malware scam that requests members submit their credit card information online.

Scams unfortunately are becoming more and more sophisticated. While an email may include what looks like legitemate branding, logos, and content, please know that if the messaging requests that you supply sensitive information such as your credit card number, an account number, social security number or other identity or financial information, THIS IS A SCAM...even if it is well-designed.

A recent example: reported 10.25

The most recent example may have come as an email and may have included a headline stating, "Urgent Message for GTE Financial Visitors' with a subhead of 'Data Security Breach Information'. This message may have encouraged you to get a credit check, compare data and change your online banking password. Then, it included a link that requested payment information to check your credit. 

Supplying payment for credit monitoring or credit scores is a service consumers often pay for. However, the consumer decides to visit a website or service and then supply information, not the other way around. Anything that comes to you requesting you supply information should be considered suspect as a general rule. 

Thank you for helping to better protect member accounts. Fraud is an unfortunate reality, but together, we can help mitigate the impact. Please visit our GTE Security Center for more helpful information! 

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