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GTE Ready FAQs

GTE Ready is here to help you stay updated on location closings when bad weather strikes. In the event of inclement weather, GTE Financial will take every measure to ensure you have access to your funds.

How will I know if my location is closed?

Any closed locations will be posted on the main page of our website, gtefinancial.org, as well as GTE’s Facebook page. As necessary and when possible, we will also utilize the emergency communications public channels. On television: WFLA, News Channel 8, and on radio: 970 AM; 93.3 FM; 100.7 FM. These emergency channels will also be posted on our website during an event.

Will I be notified if my location is closing?

Unfortunately, as soon as the decision to close is made, we do not have the means to contact every member of a specific closure. We recommend that you regularly check the website for this information, as it will be posted immediately. ATMs will continue to operate, as long as there is power.

*Please Note:

  • Any CFCs in a mandated evacuation zone will be closed for the duration of the evacuation.
  • It is likely that any CFCs in an evacuation zone with the potential for impact will be closed once a Hurricane Warning is issued, to allow staff ample time to evacuate and/or make necessary preparations.
If my location closes, when will it reopen and will I be notified?

Once the storm has passed and an "all clear" is given by local authorities, the Community Financial Center will reopen the following business day, provided the facility has not sustained any damage and can resume business as usual. In the event there is extensive damage to a location that necessitates closing for an extended period of time, notice of this will be made with signage at the location, as well as on our website, and we will notify members of it's reopening by these same means. We will also indicate the nearest open financial center.

Will I be able to access my accounts during a Tropical storm/Hurricane?

We recommend you conduct any foreseeable, necessary business with us prior to a warning being issued. During inclement weather, we advise that you do not risk traveling to a location and instead make use of GTE Online Banking or other virtual services. If use of a computer is unavailable, you can use our automated account system, Phone Banking, by dialing 813.876.6760 or toll-free at 1.800.322.7308.

Will my money be safe?

Yes. All facilities will be secured in the event of closure, and all funds up to $250,000 are federally backed and insured by the NCUIF (National Credit Union Insurance Fund).

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