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Member Owner Share

What’s a Member Owner Share?

When you join GTE Financial, you’re more than a customer. You’re a member AND an owner of GTE Financial. As a member-owner of the GTE cooperative:

  • You own one $5.00 share of our organization
  • You are entitled to all of GTE’s value-driven products and services
  • Enjoy the Credit Union difference where decisions are driven by what’s best for our members, not making anonymous shareholders money

The $5 pledge you deposit into your primary savings account upon joining will be automatically transferred to your Member Owner Share. This account is non-transactional, meaning the funds will not be available to access for transactions. This pledge simply reflects your ownership of the cooperative. In the event you choose to end your membership, your $5 Member Owner Share will be returned to you.

We’re happy you’re part of the credit union cooperative but more importantly, we’re happy you chose GTE Financial!

Want to learn more? Click here for Member Owner Share FAQs.

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