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Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials Heart

Member Testimonials

GTE Financial, as a not-for-profit financial institution, is dedicated to serving individuals from all walks of life in our community.  As a member shareholder, you can rest easy knowing that we are giving back to you in the form of lower fees and better rates on home loans, car loans, credit cards and interest-bearing accounts.

Here is what a few of our members have to say about their experience with GTE Financial:

"GTE has been in my life since I started bagging groceries in 2006. You guys have made a tremendous financial impact on my ability to save money. I want to thank you for providing me with the tools I need to ensure my money is safe. I look forward to many more years with GTE. I love having access to my money and a Presto at every corner. Thanks again GTE for being by my side. I login at least twice a day and care deeply about my account. It is everything I have worked so hard for." - Craig, member since 2003.

"When I first moved to the Tampa Bay area I had no idea where anything was or what financial institution to use. I knew I wanted a credit union and I found GTE. Since that time GTE has been the best people in customer service and the best people when it comes to answering my questions around my community or involving my banking...Being in law enforcement for the state of Florida is very taxing and even with my direct deposit GTE made the transition very smooth for me and I am very blessed and grateful to be able to work with them on my financial dealings." - Jessica, member since 2009.

"I love GTE because every time I go inside I am greeted with a "hello" and a smile. Also, they gave me the best interest rate to finance my car." - Lisa, member since 1987.

"I love GTE because they believe in their members. They trust their members, like we trust them with our money. During the year 2015, I unfortunately experienced four separate fraud charges. GTE did not put me through hoops to investigate. They immediately provisioned my money back to me, immediately reissued me a new card and handled every single step of the process to cleanse the problem. Banks would have dragged their feet. I feel quite lucky to be in the GTE family. Every day they make me glad I switched from banks. I just wish I'd switched sooner. - Harriet, member since 1995.

"All the members of your staff are professional and courteous. They go above and beyond to make sure that I am satisfied at the end of every transaction . I love GTE because I receive fast, friendly service with every visit. I would not trust my hard-earned money in the hands of any other company ever again ." - Erica, member since 2015.

"My son referred us to you, and what a surprise we had. Kim, our financial assistant at the Hudson office, was so experienced that she made it so easy for us to like and treasure her as a great achiever. Kim took the time and went into a special area to work on our accounts.  How responsive to receive such special attention! Today, we had a few questions and she was there to answer ALL of our questions. We are waiting to close our IRAs and put them in your secure hands. Kudos to your establishment and your FANTASTIC employees." - Fran, member since 2016.

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