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Social Security- South Lakeland

  • Date:October  22, 2019
  • Time:6: 30 PM
  • Location:1275 Oakbridge Pkwy

Join us for a FREE Social Security Planning event October 22nd

Learn how benefits are determined, how retiring earlier or later affects your Social Security benefit and how working after receiving Social Security will impact your benefit.

This FREE seminar is for designed just for you and will be held in our South Lakeland Community Financial Center. In this seminar we will cover the basics for Social Security Planning in just 1 hour. There will also be 1 on 1 opportunities following the seminar!

Please RSVP today to reserve your seat!


Event Details:

Where:  South Lakeland l 1275 Oakbridge Pkwy

When: October 22nd at 6:30pm - 7:30 pm 
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