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Security Breach

GTEOnlineBankingSecurity.pngEquifax Data Breach

Key Updates

This page is dedicated to providing helpful information regarding the Equifax data breach that was reported in the news September 7, 2017. 

Although GTE Financial had no responsibility in the breach, we have been monitoring the situation and will be proactive in communication if it is determined that any GTE member is affected. We can assure you that our fraud team is actively engaged 24/7/365 and that our systems remain secure. We are doing everything in our power to ensure your money is safe!

General Breach Information

Tips for keeping your money secure:

More information: Take Action

  • If you notice suspicious activity, please call the phone number on the back of your card.

AboutCreditCards.pngFrequent Asked Questions:

  • How do I know if my card is at risk or impacted?
    • GTE is actively researching the breach and should we determine that membership has been impacted, we will send out appropriate communications and take action.
    • Members can also actively monitor their accounts and utilize free tools to help ensure your money is protected. 
  • Should I reset my PIN?
    • It is still too early to determine if PIN information has been compromised. If you feel strongly about updating your PIN, click here on how to reset with PIN Now
  • Should I cancel my card?
    • Our fraud team is fully engaged in monitoring your cards around the clock. Unless fraud is detected on your GTE debit or credit card, there is no need to cancel your card. If we detect that your card has been jeopardized, we will notify you and reissue the card on your behalf.  
  • Am I responsible for fraudulent charges?    
    • There is 0% liability for fraudulent charges on a GTE debit or credit card. The member is not responsible.
  • StackCreditCards.pngHow long do I have to report fraud?
    • Members have 60 days from their statement date where the fraud was noted to report the suspect activity. Contact information.
  • Is GTE going to reissue my card?
    • If we determine your accounts have been compromised, you will receive a letter from us with information about your card's reissue. 
  • Is my identity at risk?
    • You can use the special Equifax website to check if you have been impacted. Even if it indicates that you may be impacted, GTE will reach out if it is determined that we need to reissue your cards. 
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