Student Scholarships

textbook-cash-Landing-Page-Image.jpgGTE is Here to Help!

That's why we award $2,500 scholarships to a number of GTE student-members every year - to support education and reward young adults who are dedicated to academic pursuits and community involvement.

The 2015 Scholarship program is now CLOSED, and all applicants have been notified. Please check back in early 2016 to apply for the 2016 GTE Foundation Scholarship program.

How GTE has helped students:

"...this scholarship helped me pay off some of my student loans early..." - Robin

"...relieved some of the financial burden of college so that I am able to concentrate fully on my studies..." - Tyler

"...helped pay for my tuition allowing me to pay for housing on campus..." - Kennedy

Meet our 2014 Winners

How Scholarships are Awarded
Scholarship selections are made by an independent committee consisting of diverse business and educational community leaders. Winners are chosen based on academic achievement, demonstration of leadership abilities, and their commitment to community service and activities. High school seniors and college undergraduates that exemplify these traits are encouraged to apply. Applications are accepted every year from February through June, with winners announced in July.

Program Administration

To assure complete impartiality in selection of recipients and to maintain a high level of professionalism, the program is administered by the GTE Foundation Scholarship Committee and a GTE Scholarship Team, respectively. Additionally, an external firm that specializes in managing sponsored scholarship programs helps to collect, organize, and store all applications.


For additional information regarding the scholarship program, please visit our Student Scholarships FAQ page.