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Credit Unions are very special types of financial institutions - owned, sustained and inspired by our Membership. GTE Financial’s sole purpose for existing is to serve our member-owners and to provide value. There is no greater compliment than our members' words. We are very excited to share their comments!



  • Alan C.

    Alan was able to reduce his rate on his mortgage with GTE Financial and HARP's help! He saved his family $450 per month! Wow!

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  • Tracy R.

    Tracy had a high interest rate on their mortgage, but with the help of GTE Financial and HARP, she was able to reduce their rate significantly, saving $500 a month.

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  • Carolyn L.

    Carolyn is definitely in the running for Biggest Fan of GTE Financial: "Your staff are on a service cloud far above those of other financial institutions...other industries talk about the need for "success coaches" to motivate employees and improve interaction skills. I think they simply need to observe GTE Financial." Wow, thanks, Carolyn!

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  • Katherine C.

    Katherine was able to purchase her first car on her own, with a little bit of help from GTE Financial!

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  • Dawn G.

    Dawn is a native Tampa Bay girl, having grown up in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. She recently moved back to her hometown having lived in New York for several years. "I had always been with the big banks."

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  • Caroline M.

    I've been a member since approximately 1989, much farther than my memory goes back LOL. When I bought my house in 2002, the GTE staff members made it as painless as possible. It was so much easier than I thought it could be, thanks to the wonderful people at GTE. They took care of pretty much everything, and the company they used to research the title information on the house did a very thorough job. Much more thorough than other places do, from what I've heard from my friends and neighbors. I've been very happy with my interactions with all of the GTE staff, and with GTE in general.

  • Darlene S.

    I have been a GTE member since June 2004. I have dealt mainly with the branch located in Crystal River, Florida. The associates are always very helpful and friendly. They have assisted me with various banking transactions as well as assisted me through my banking needs during my divorce. They have assisted me with vehicle loans for both my sons and now have my youngest son’s sole banking trust. I worked at a very large Commercial banking establishment for 14 years and even during that time did not deal with them except only at payroll time. I immediately removed my money from that bank and deposited it in GTE. I would like to thank all the associates at the Crystal River Office for their many years of assistance and will continue to bank with GTE until I either move or expire which I don’t see happening any time soon!!!

  • Kory G.

    I have been a GTE customer for over 10 yrs. I really love being a customer of this credit union because of the customer service I have always received and the core values that it stands for. The only suggestion I would like to make is the re-opening of the Ruskin branch or a location closer. I understand that Ruskin may have not been the best location but it was very convenient for your customers south of Brandon.

  • Elizabeth C.

    I have been a member of GTE for about 2 years and have had zero problems with my accounts. It's such a relief to bank with you guys. Many times I will bring my Chihuahuas for a car ride to the bank, so they can smile at the tellers where I do my banking.  Many of the tellers love my dogs and ask the others to take a look. They are really cute, if I might add, and they enjoy being around others who get a kick over them being there. Maybe that's not an important banking issue, but it's nice to still find a place that still treats you as a person and not just as another dollar.

  • Iris S.

    My husband and I have been members since 1987 and a few years ago we were proud to take our daughters up to our local branch on Florida and Busch for them to open their accounts. A family tradition begins.  Not only that, but my youngest daughter and I are planning to begin a photography business as soon as she finishes college and our business account will be opened with GTE. Thanks for being a bank that we can trust.  We have come to know several of the employees well over these decades and it is always good go to the branch on occasion and see them. In my opinion, GTE ROCKS!!!!

  • Geraldine J.

    I have been a member since 07/28/03. I love my credit union. It is a most convenient place to do my banking. I had a very bad experience with a banking institution and decided to enroll my Sons and I with GTE. When I have a problem, I am taken care of in a professional manner. I  would recommend anyone to enroll as a member with MY credit union. I would like to Thank You All for being there for me when I needed you. Thanks Again for your Loyalty and Professionalism and Know How In Answering My Questions and Concerns.

  • Susan T.

    I’ve been a member for over thirty years and most of that I’ve lived out of the state of Florida. GTE has been the best credit union around. You all take care of your members as if we were personal friends. You also have the best rates and service of any credit union I’ve seen!

  • Tangela M.

    I have been a faithful member of GTE for over 20 years and don’t plan on changing. GTE has been good to me. Back in I believe 01’ I was the victim of identity theft and upon finding out and informing GTE, they did everything that they could in getting back every penny in my account in less than a couple of days. I can't be quite sure of the length. All I know is I got it back fast. They were very understanding and considerate as if it were their own account. I am very pleased with the services that they provide. I have had two cars through them with both of them paid off; I have referred family and friends. All I know is that GTE ROCKS and I wouldn’t trade them for another.

  • Andie A.

    I've been a GTE member for as long as I can remember. I joined through my father, Andy A., who was a GTE employee - now retired. My grandfather, Andy A., was also a GTE retiree. Years later, I, Andie, also worked for GTE. Pretty cool, huh? Three generations of Andy(ie) A.'s worked for GTE!!

  • Arlene M.

    I've been a member since 2005. I refinanced my auto loan and opened a savings account. It was so convenient to have my car payment deducted automatically every month, and with the low rate I got from GTE, paying my car off was affordable and simple. I love GTE.

  • Michelle W.

    I have been a member of GTE since 2004. My first savings, checking, credit card, and car loans have been through this bank. I love the new Deposit2GO because I had to move to Maryland a couple years ago and this app allows me to stay banking at GTE and deposit checks right from home as if I have never left Florida! I would absolutely love to see an actual iPhone or Android GTE online banking application. I'm aware of the mobile website, but an application for online banking would be so much more convenient. Anyways, I love this bank and everything you do for the members.

  • Robert B. and Cindi B.

    I have worked for TECO Energy and I have been a member for about 21 years.  My experience with GTE has been awesome! The online capabilities are far better than any of the other Commercial Banks or other Credit Unions. Back in June of 2006, my wife was involved in an accident which left her disabled. The loss of her income was very difficult for us.  GTE allowed us to skip a payment.  The compassion I have experienced with the GTE Associates was nothing short of amazing! We plan on keeping all of our accounts and loans with GTE as it is the most efficient Credit Union or Bank I have ever dealt with!

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