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Alan C.

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Alan C.

GTE Financial Member since 1992

GTE Story

With a wife and 3 sons, Alan knew that getting the most out of his family’s monthly budget was important – and refinancing was going to be a great way to save money because the rates were much lower than his current one. After hearing horror stories about refinancing through his bank, Alan chose GTE Financial, Tampa Bay's hometown credit union since 1935 that anyone can join, and couldn't be happier with his experience. “The guy I worked with at GTE Financial was fantastic. I felt like he really had my best interests in mind.”

With the Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP, his percentage rate dropped from 6.25% to just 3.75% after refinance, saving them around $450 per month. “It’s allowed us to save a lot more - savings for retirement, savings for college for the boys. It’s really made a huge difference in our budget, just allowing us a lot more flexibility to do the things that we need to do.” “it’s a great problem to have to figure out how to spend $450 a month!” Alan, we’re happy to help any time!

What did you like best about refinancing with GTE Financial?


Straight Forward 

"It seemed to be a fairly straight forward process. The initial application, I believe, was even on-line so I was able to fill out some on-line forms. They got back with me fairly quickly so the initial application process was pretty easy."


"I felt like the whole process, in general, was actually fairly easy. The documentation and stuff that I had to provide seemed to be significantly less than for the other mortgages I’ve gotten so all in all it was a pretty good experience."

Great Customer Service

"The guy I worked with at GTE who worked through my application was fantastic. He, I felt like he really had my best interests in mind. I felt like he was very concerned about making the process as easy for me as possible and also was very willing to work with us on our financial situation in order to make things as smooth as possible and to actually keep us from having to spend too much money out of our own pocket which was fantastic. "


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