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Carolyn L.

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Carolyn L.

GTE Financial Member since 2003

Meet Carolyn

1. What is your favorite GTE service or product?

I love Online Banking. I am able to check my direct deposits, account balances and pay bills in one place. I very much appreciate the "reminders" that are emailed to me regarding scheduled Bill Pay payments. I also have auto-pay for my GTE car loan.

2. How long have you been a member of GTE?

I have been a loyal member of GTE since 2003 - Ten years! Happy Anniversary to ME!!!! Is there cake? I am all about cake!

3. What is your favorite or most frequented Community Financial Center?

The Temple Terrace Community Financial Center on 56th Street is my "home" Center. Christina Jaramillo and her staff are always very cordial and helpful. The tellers greet you with a smile and treat you like family.

4. Describe GTE using 3 words.

Service with smiles!

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