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Jeff M

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Jeff M.

GTE Financial member since 2010

GTE Story

As a freelance artist for 38 years, it’s all about being resourceful and finding ways to help yourself any way possible. HARP meant a monthly savings of $750 – a major reduction in expenses - making it easier for Jeff to get through the slow months. Refinancing through HARP has allowed Jeff to continue to do what he loves: creating digital caricatures and dedicating time to his business, caricature.com. “I’m breathing easier. We don’t have to worry about the little things and whether we’re going to make it one month to the next. $750 a month is a huge amount and it takes a lot off of your mind, a lot of pressure off you. GTE took care of the rent so I could get back to doing what I love.”

What did you like best about working with GTE?


“I tried for three years to take advantage of government programs to refinance but said the big banks just didn’t want to participate. They said no over and over again It was really frustrating. When HARP II came out, GTE Financial was right there and there was no problem. I was just amazed at how quick everything went through and got approved.”


“It only took about a month to close. I was really happy with the speed at which GTE moved. My original refinancing experience with was with banks who required enormous amounts of paperwork, but the process was very streamlined with GTE. This experience was exactly what I was looking for.”


“I was immediately surprised that not only did GTE Financial provide what I needed for my mortgage but they had these really cool features like an app for your iPhone where I can actually deposit checks by just scanning the check with my iPhone and that’s all... I don’t need to [go] anywhere. I am really pleased with these extra services.”

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