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Tracy R.

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Tracy R.

GTE Financial Member Since 2012


“GTE is just awesome!” Tracy had a high interest rate on their mortgage but with the help of GTE Financial and HARP, she was able to reduce their rate from 8.95% to 3.75%, saving $500 a month.  “We’ve got a daughter that’s in college right now and it’s helped us tremendously to take some of those savings and put it towards her college education.”  Tracy has been amazed at not only the savings that GTE Financial has provided, but with the level of customer service.  The superior customer service helped take a very difficult time and turn it into one that’s beneficial and wonderful for their family.  “We’ve been able to have more freedom in life, to do more things that we weren’t able to do before.”



The Home Affordable Refinance Program.  Tracy feels that a lot of people have the misnomer that this particular loan is for people that have not been responsible for their finances and with their mortgages.  “It’s basically for people that are underwater in their home, who have always been responsible with their mortgage, have high interest rates and want to lower that interest rate.”

Auto Loans

She refinanced both car payments with GTE at one of the lowest rates in the market.

Credit Cards

Tracy transferred their high interest balance to their GTE card.

“They are truly amazing people.”  Tracy, we think you are pretty special, too.  Thanks for being a member.

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