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Hillsborough County 813.871.2690
Toll-free 1.888.871.2690

Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm
Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm


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  • Make a deposit no matter where you are! Use Deposit2GO, our free remote deposit capture service, and deposit a check from your cell phone or desktop scanner.
  • Need to pay someone back? No need to write a check or visit the ATM for cash. Use Popmoney and send money for free with just the recipient’s email address or cell phone number. It’s easy and secure!

Payments & Deposits
GTE Financial
Member Care
PO Box 172539
Tampa, FL 33672-0539

General Mail
GTE Financial
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Credit Card Payments
GTE Financial Credit Card
PO Box 71050
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Talent Administration (Human Resources)
GTE Financial
Talent Administration Department
PO Box 172596
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Insurance Notifications
GTE Financial
Insurance Notification
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Mortgage Payments & Information
GTE Financial
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Community Partner Membership (Select Employee Groups)
GTE Financial
Community Partner Development
PO Box 172599
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GTE Investment Group
GTE Financial
711 E. Henderson Ave.
Tampa, FL 33602-9937

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Media Contact
Cynthia Colón
Marketing Communications and PR Specialist
Member Marketing & Promotions

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Social Contact
R.J. Huebert
Marketing Engagement Specialist
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