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Bill Pay FAQs

Pay all of your billers within GTE Online Banking with Bill Pay. It’s secure, fast and free. Plus, your payments are guaranteed to arrive by their scheduled Pay Date.

General Questions

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a free service within Online Banking that allows you to pay all your bills securely and quickly. Login to Online Banking, click Bill Pay in the main navigation, and then add a biller.  Instead of writing checks or logging into multiple sites,  you simply select a Pay Date in Bill Pay, and your payment is guarateed to arrive on time. Once you’ve added the biller information and your account specifics, you can start paying bills right away!

Is Bill Pay Free?

Bill Pay is free to use. There are associated fees; however these fees are ones you can avoid.

 New Bill Pay
 Overnight Payment Fee  $20.00 / transaction
 Interest charge related to the collection of unpaid amounts  1.50% monthly interest*
Why is Bill Pay Valuable?

Free and Guaranteed!

  • Bill Pay is FREE to all GTE Financial members.
  • Enjoy the payment guarantee. Your biller will receive your payment by the scheduled Pay Date. If something happens and we’re to blame, we’ll make it right.

Pay your bills with unparalleled convenience.

  • Pay anyone in the U.S. and its territories, companies and individuals, in a few simple clicks.
  • Send money to anyone, using only their name and email address or mobile number with Popmoney, located on the Bill Pay page within Online Banking.
  • Save money on stamps and envelopes, not to mention paper. You no longer have to print everything. Your account history is stored digitally for 24 months.
  • No more remembering numerous logins and jumping from site to site to pay your bills. Visit one location and securely pay all your billers with ease on any computer 24/7.
  • Keep track of all your billers, including account numbers and addresses, which you can update anytime online.
  • Set up automatic payments and one-time payments as well as fixed bills, such as a car payment, and variable bills, such as an electric bill.
  • Easily change or cancel payments that are already scheduled prior to them being processed.
  • Schedule payments in advance to avoid being late.
  • You can receive eBills versus paper statements from hundreds of participating merchants within Bill Pay. You can sign up for free on the Bill Pay page in Online Banking.
  • Receive helpful email reminders on when a payment is due and get confirmations when payments have been made.

Totally secure.

  • Enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing your accounts and payment information are password-protected, data encrypted with firewall technology to ensure the security and privacy of your transactions.
  • Bill Pay utilizes sophisticated fraud detection and prevention tools to ensure your finances are protected.
Are payments guaranteed to arrive on time?

Yes. Your payments are guaranteed to arrive on time. The built-in calendar feature will assist you in identifying the earliest available Pay Date; you can only select from dates your payment can be delivered. In addition, the system won’t let you schedule a Pay Date on a non-business day.

What happens if my payment isn’t received correctly?

If for some reason the payment is delayed or doesn’t arrive, the first thing you should do is call the biller to look into the status of your payment. If the biller did not receive payment, contact us at 813.871.2690. We will then contact the merchant and do research on your behalf. If the problem resulted from an error on our part, we will resubmit the payment when necessary, as well as refund fees and finance charges associated with the late or undelivered payment, up to $50.

I'm using a Mac and can't access Bill Pay. What's wrong?

The issue you are experiencing is typically caused by your settings within the "Preferences Privacy" section. Make sure your settings are such that you can "accept 3rd party cookies". The setting needs to be marked as "always". This should resolve the issue.

Bill Pay How To’s

How do I access or enroll in Bill Pay?

You can access Bill Pay by logging into Online Banking and clicking the 'Bill Pay' link under ‘Payments’ in the main navigation. For new users, once on the Bill Pay dashboard, you will be prompted to enroll. Once you are enrolled, you will be able to start using Bill Pay. You will not need to sign into Bill Pay separately.

When will funds be deducted from my account?

Billers are the businesses or individuals to whom you are making a payment. Payments are typically delivered in two ways: electronically or with a check. GTE will automatically select the right option; payment type cannot be controlled by the member. Regardless of payment method, all payments are guaranteed to be paid by the scheduled Pay Date. For most payments, funds will be deducted from the paying account on the selected Pay Date. For some checks, money will be deducted when the biller clears the check.

How do I set-up an Automatic Payment, Update or Delete an Automatic Payment?

On the Bill Pay page, select the ‘Payment Center’ column at the top. Then select the biller you’d like to update. You can select ‘AutoPay’ or ‘Update’ on the next screen.

Can I edit a single or recurring payment?

Yes. You can edit single payments made one time, as well as recurring payments. Even if you schedule the payment with Bill Pay, as long as it has not begun processing, you can change or cancel that payment. The status of your payment is clearly marked.

How do I set-up a Reminder for a Bill?

On the Bill Pay page, select ‘Manage My Bills’ at the top. Then select the biller you’d like to update. You can then set-up a reminder for a specific bill.

Can I edit or stop a payment that has been scheduled?

Yes. As long as the payment is ‘Pending’ and not ‘Processing’ yet, you can edit the payment. If the payment has begun processing, you will not be able to edit or stop the payment.

How do I place a stop payment on a bill payment?

Stop payments are not available on an electronic payment that is processing. If you have questions on a stop payment for a check payment, please contact Member Care at 813.871.2690 or toll-free at 1.888.871.2690 and select option 4.

How do I sign up for eBills?

Under the ‘Payment Center’ column on the home page of Bill Pay, if there is a ‘Get Bill’ icon showing, click on that to enroll in eBills. You will then receive your eBills online versus receiving paper statements. The eBill feature is only available on billers with the icon next to it.

How do I Update Biller Information or Delete a Biller?

On the Bill Pay page within the Payment Center, select the biller you would like to update under "Send Money".  Once this biller is selected, select "Details". Then select the biller you’d like to update. You can update biller information or delete a biller entirely.

What is the description of a Bill Pay transaction when it posts to my account?

Depending on how a bill payment is presented to your account, the description will read as either: 1) a standard check transaction 2) 'Biller's Name - Online PMT' for electronic payments. For example, TAMPA ELECTRIC - ONLINE PMT.

How do I add a Biller?

On the Bill Pay page, select the ‘Add a company or person to pay’ button. You can select from the tabs whether the biller is a company or a person. The Bill Pay system already has a database of many of the billers you may be paying. You can search for the Biller Name or you can input the biller and account information manually. Once added, the biller will show up on the home page of Bill Pay under ‘Payment Center’ for easy reference.

What information should I keep updated?

Please check to make sure the following information is accurate within Bill Pay at all times and correct when necessary:

  • Account details, such as an email address and phone number.
  • Biller details, such as a physical address and an account number.
How do I make a payment?

On the Bill Pay page, under the Payment Center column, you will see a list of all the biller names you have added. Input an amount and a pay date. Then follow the screens to complete the transaction. You will need to add a biller first prior to being able to pay the biller. To do this, select the "Add a Company or Person" button.

How do I make an overnight payment?

Overnight payments are not available for all billers. When you go to schedule a payment, if the overnight option is available, it will show that option on the calendar. The Bill Pay calendar will only show you dates that your payment can be guaranteed to arrive by; so you never worry about money arriving late. You can then select the overnight date and schedule the payment. Overnight payments are assessed a fee of $20.00.

How do I know my payment will arrive on time?

When you schedule a bill to be paid, you use the calendar function within Bill Pay. The calendar will only show you dates we can guarantee payment to arrive by. We guarantee our payments! So, if something goes wrong, and it’s our fault, we’ll make it right.

When I schedule a payment, what is a Pay Date vs. a Due Date?

A Pay Date is the date you schedule your payment to be made on. A Due Date is the date your payment is actually due to the biller. In order to ensure your payment arrives on time, please select a Pay Date that is prior to your Due Date. If the only available Pay Date shown on the scheduling calendar is past your Due Date, we recommend using a different method to you pay your bill, as the payment will arrive late, or past your Due Date.

Where can I view my pending and recent payments?

When you are on the Bill Pay page in Online Banking, on the right-hand side there will be a column with ‘Pending Payments’, which are payments that are scheduled but not processed yet, as well as ‘Recent Payments’ that have been scheduled and processed. Recent Payments have been deducted from your account.

My Bill Pay transactions are not showing up in my funding account information.

Pending transactions will not show within your account information in Online Banking. They can only be viewed on the Bill Pay page. Once the payment has been deducted from your account, the transaction will appear in your general account information.

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