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Future Change

FutureChange 2.0Get GTE Financial’s Future Change App!

2.0 Available Now!

GTE’s Future Change App is loaded with financial features that will make you smile, including a Round-Up Savings Account, Tap for Balances, and best of all, a way to link your GTE loans so you can pay them down faster and save big!

Getting Started: Make sure you have a GTE Checking Account! Then, simply download the App to your phone to start using Future Change.

What's Future Change?

 FutureChange 2.0


Why Download GTE’s Free Future Change App?

  • Get your Future Change Savings Account with Round-Up: With every swipe of your debit card, the change will round up to this exclusive Savings Account, only available with the App.
  • Tap for Balances: The #1 thing people want to know is their balance! With Future Change, you’ll be able to Tap the screen to view all your GTE account balances without ever having to login. It’s secure, fast and fabulous! Easily turn this feature on and off.
  • Review your last five transactions: Also within the Tap For Balance feature members will be able to see their last 5 transactions.
  • Information at your fingertips!: Simply click within the App to get additional information on many of GTE's other convenient products and services!
  • Save on your GTE Loans: Link your auto or home loan within the App to see some magic math! What would you save in interest if you made one extra principle payment? You have questions, and Future Change has answers! Take that coin you've rounded-up in your Future Change Savings Account and easily view the benefits of applying that extra mula to your loan. How much money would you save? How many payments would you eliminate? We'll showcase the calculation and then you can make a simple transfer, all within the App! 
  • New Live Chat feature: If you have any questions, you are now only a tap away from placing a call or a LiveChat with a live Member Care Advocate! Convenience in the palm of your hand.

There’s never been an App quite like this; it’s only made available by GTE for GTE members! Have additional questions on all the great things you can do with Future Change? See our helpful FAQ.

Future Change for Apple Future Change for Android 

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