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Future Change FAQ

Future Change Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Who can use this App? The Future Change App is available to all GTE members with a GTE Checking Account, Early Checking Account, or College Checking Account.
  • Does it cost money to use Future Change? The App is free to download and there is no cost to use. Standard text messaging and data rates would apply.
  • What if I need help with the Future Change App? We’re here for you! As with any member need, please feel free to contact our Member Care Department at 1.888.871.2690. Click here for our call center hours. Or, you can submit a secure member message inquiry in Online Banking!
  • Do I need to login to use the App? Yes. You will need to have an existing Online Banking username and password to login to the Future Change App. Your username and password will be the same for Future Change as it is for Online Banking. If you have never created login credentials for Online Banking, you can get started here. Once you have your Online Banking username and password set up, you will be able to instantly use that same information to access Future Change.
  • What if I forget my username and password? No problem! Simply self-reset your login information in Online Banking. Once you make changes, your login credentials will update to your new information for Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Future Change.
  • Why can't I enroll into Future Change 2.0? Existing members attempting to enroll in Future Change 2.0 for the first time are required to migrate into new GTE online banking. In order to enroll into the updated online banking site, please visit online.gtefinancial.org.

Savings Account & Round-Up

  • Can I open a Future Change Savings Account with Round-Up without the App? Not at this time. This special savings account is a unique feature to the Future Change App. Once you download the App, it will walk you through opening up the account.
  • How does Round-Up work? In order to use Future Change, you have to have a GTE Checking Account, Early Checking Account, or College Checking Account. For every swipe of the debit card, it will automatically round up the change to the nearest dollar and deposit it into your Future Change Savings Account! It’s a great feature that can really add up.
  • Will I see the Round-Up occur in real time? No. Your Round-Up will occur every evening one time per day.
  • I noticed I have to link a Checking Account – can I link multiple? Yes. As long as you are the primary, you can link more than one Checking Account. That will allow you to utilize the Round-Up feature on multiple Checking Accounts and debit cards and deposit even more into your Future Change Savings Account.
  • Does Round-Up work on all transactions? You will get the benefits of Round-Up on point-of-sale purchases, like at a retailer, gas station or grocery store for example. Make sure to sign for your purchases versus punching in your PIN. It’s more secure and helps you earn Go Points!
  • Can Round-Up be added to other accounts? Not at this time. Round-up is only available with the Future Change Savings Account.
  • Will I be able to see my Future Change Savings Account in Online or Mobile Banking? Yes! Your Future Change Savings Account will show up under Account Balances, like any other savings account.
  • Is the Future Change Savings Account subject to Regulation D? Yes! Please read more about Regulation D and how it impacts deposits and withdrawals.
  • Can I deposit money into my Future Change Savings Account and withdraw/transfer out of it? You can deposit money into your Future Change Savings Account, like any other savings product at GTE. Within the Future Change App, Online Banking and Mobile Banking, you can also make transfers to other accounts or withdraw money if needed.
  • Can I use my Future Change Savings Account for overdraft protection? No. That feature is not available at this time.
  • Can I assign a joint owner and/or beneficiaries to my Future Change Savings Account? Yes. The primary member would need to complete an Ownership Designation form to add joint owner(s) or a Beneficiary Designation form, which can be found in Online Banking.
  • What happens if I remove the App from my phone? Your Future Change Savings Account will still be viewable and accessible within Online and Mobile Banking. However, you will lose functionality like Tap for Balances and viewing Future Value on your linked loans, which is only available with the App. You would have to re-install in order to use Future Change again with your most recent login username and password.

Tap for Balances

  • How does Tap for Balances work? You can enable Tap for Balances during the Future Change registration process. You can also turn this feature on or off in Settings. Without having to login to the App or Online or Mobile Banking, if you tap the screen while on the Future Change App home page, it will pull up a static summary of your balances on all of your GTE accounts. It’s fast and totally secure!
  • For Tap for Balances, isn’t that a security risk? Not at all! Many financial institutions have already been utilizing this feature for some time. While Tap for Balances allows you to see your account balance information without having to login to the App or Online or Mobile Banking, it only shows how much is in your account and does not allow you to take any action on those accounts. If you want to do something other than view, for example make a transfer, you would need to login to Online or Mobile Banking to complete that transaction. The information shown cannot be negatively used in and of itself for any potential fraud – your sensitive banking information will be shielded.
  • Can I just use Tap for Balance on my smartphone? Tap for Balance is available on IOS and Android devices including smartphones and tablets.  
  • Can you turn this feature on and off? Yes! Each time you login to Future Change, on the password screen, you will have the ability to turn Tap for Balance on or off.

Link your Loans & Transfers

  • What does “linking” your loans with the Future Change App do? Basically, Future Change can be used as an awesome tool to help you pay off your GTE auto or home loan faster, which could mean big savings! Let’s say you had $200 in your Future Change Savings Account. What would be the benefits of making an extra payment and applying that $200 to your GTE auto loan principle? The App will reveal all! That $200 in savings could really mean $400 in savings if applied to your auto loan, and 2 less payments! Future Changes does the math for you; all you have to do is a simple transfer within the App to make it all happen.  
  • What kind of loans can I link? Right now, you can link up a GTE auto or a GTE home loan; a HELOC or Home Equity loan is not currently an eligible loan. You can update your loans at any time within the App! When you walk through registration, it will automatically pull up all your GTE home and auto loans to make it super simple. Then, easily select the ones you want linked. 
  • If I have multiple home or car loans, can I link them all? Yes!
  • What information will the App show me? Future Change is all about simplifying a lot of great information! You’ll be able to view:
    • Your Future Change Savings Account Balance
    • Any home loan or auto loans you've linked
    • How much you’d save in future interest per loan, if you applied your full savings balance, or a portion of your savings balance, to the loan
    • How many months of payments that savings would equate to
    • Details on each of your loans including: Interest Rate, Current Balance, Total Savings Applied, Monthly Payment and Remaining Term, plus a percentage bar that shows how much of your loan is paid off so far
  • How do I complete a transfer? The App will easily allow you to move money from your Future Change Savings Account to a linked loan account – all within the App! So, first the App will calculate and show you the benefits of the transfer, and then it will allow you to take action. Summary pages will keep track of all your progress for easy reference.
  • What if I made a transfer and didn’t want to? The App will help ensure you don’t make a mistake! It will prompt you numerous times to make 100% sure that you want to move forward with a transfer. Once a transfer has been confirmed and completed, it cannot be reverted or changed.
  • If I do a transfer, does that go to my principal? Yes. Any transfer within the Future Change App will be applied toward your loan’s principal balance only.
  • If I do a transfer, does that count as my monthly payment? No. A Future Change transfer does not take the place of your loan payment that is due at a specific time each month. You will still need to make an on-time monthly payment.
  • Can joints make a transfer? No. Only the primary on the account can conduct a transfer.
  • Do I have to transfer the full amount in my Future Change Savings Account? Not at all! Let’s say you had $200 in your Future Change Savings Account and wanted to only transfer $100 to your auto loan. The App will allow you to select a custom transfer amount and then press ‘Recalculate’ to show you the new future value based on $100 versus the full amount.
  • How are the calculations done? Financial calculators are prevalent and extremely useful. While GTE does not produce the back-end formulas, we’ve integrated formulas that are highly-utilized and accepted within the financial industry. Calculations are estimates – strong indicators of future value. If so inclined, please consult a financial advisor at your discretion.
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