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GTE Mobile App

GTE Mobile FAQs

How do I download the application?

Go to the app store (Apple App Store/Android Google Play Store) on your device to find the GTE Mobile application.

Can I set up Alerts in GTE Mobile?

Yes, you can set up push notifications only. Email and text alerts will be managed through Online Banking.

Will Live Chat be available through the application?

Rather than Live Chat, we offer Mobile Messaging in the app. It is very much like a chat room experience.


What payments can I make through the mobile application?

Any BillPay payments you have setup in Online Banking bill pay.

Do you offer text banking?


Am I able to view pending transactions?

Yes, you can view pending debits and payroll deposits.

Can I see my scheduled transfers or do I have to go to the full site?

Yes, scheduled transfers will be available to view only. To set up new transfers you must go to the full site.

Where can I view my transaction details for each account?

The transaction history will be listed under each account selected.


Can I make a deposit with a check through the application?

iPhones and Android phones will have Deposit2Go integration.  Deposti2Go is also available for iPads and Android tablets as members can continue to use the standard Deposit2Go on these devices.


Can I complete my initial online banking enrollment through the mobile application?

No. You need to register through GTEFinancial.org.

Is there a charge for using this application?


Can I transfer to an external account through my online banking?

No.  You are able to use PopMoney or BillPay to transfer to external accounts.

How do I get my phone to stop asking me my security questions?

If you select Remember User ID prior to logging in and then answer the MFA question correctly, you will not be prompted to answer the MFA question again…unless if you uncheck Remember User ID and then login. 

What is the limit, if any for making deposits through the application?

It’s the same as Deposit2Go.

Can I open an additional account through mobile banking?

No. You need to go to online banking to open additional accounts.

Can I reset my password on the application?


Can I change my password on the application?


Can I view my account statements?

No. To view account statements you need to login to Online Banking.

Can I transfer to another person's external account through mobile banking?

Yes, using Pop Money or BillPay.

How do I look up older transactions through the app?

It's the same process as you do today with Online Banking. Use the search option, but it will only display the last 6 months of transactions.

How do I pay my Credit Card/Loan?

You can pay by selecting the transfers tab and then selecting the From and To account.

Can I look up the closest GTE/ATM location?

Yes. You have the option to search by GPS, zip code or entering an address.

Can I report my debit/credit card lost/stolen through this app?

No, you need to call 1-888-871-2690 and selects appropriate option through the IVR, which connects to Member Care or you can connect via Live Chat.

Can I order a new Debit/Credit card through this app?

No, you need to call 1-888-871-2690 and selects appropriate option through the IVR, which connects to Member Care or they can connect via Live Chat.

Are the functions the same on the on the iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Tablet?

No.  iPhones and Androids will have the same functions; however, the iPads and Tablets will not have the integrated Deposit2Go function.  Members can continue to use Deposit2Go app on all devices until we integrate Deposit2Go on iPads and Tablets.

What can I not do in GTE Mobile that I can do through the Online Banking?
  • First time user enrollment
  • Add a biller to BillPay
  • E-Statement enrollment
  • High contrast
  • Forms
  • Update contact information
  • ACH
  • Ability to view eStatements/tax documents
  • Smart button
  • 52-week savings challenge
  • Account downloads
  • Credit card balance transfer
  • Apply for a loan
  • Open an additional account
  • Auto harmony
  • 1-click lending
  • Security Center
  • Message center
  • Rewards
  • Manager profile
  • Schedule transfers
  • External account transfer
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