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Popmoney FAQs

Send people money with just the recipient’s cell phone or email address! Popmoney is free, fast and is the ideal way to pay someone back or even send a money gift!

How do I signup?

You have to first enroll in Bill Pay. Login to Online Banking and click ‘Bill Pay’ under ‘Additional Services’ in the main navigation. For new users, you will be prompted to enroll. You will then be able to locate Popmoney in the top navigation of the Bill Pay page.

Once I send money, how does the recipient receive it?

The recipient will receive an email or text message with instructions on how to collect.

What are the age restrictions?

Any qualifying member over 18 years of age.

How long does it typically take to send money?

The average Popmoney transaction takes between one and three business days. Actual full transaction time will differ depending on when the recipient retrieves the money you send.

Where can I view my payment status?

Within Online Banking, on the Bill Pay page, select the Popmoney tab at any time to view the status of a payment. Transactions will also show on a member’s monthly statement.

Does Popmoney cost anything?

No. Popmoney is a free service! However, avoidable fees may be incurred. Please review our Schedule of Current Charges. Standard text messaging rates may apply.

Is Popmoney secure?

Yes. The Popmoney technology is safe and protected, using several layers of sophisticated security to protect your information and your transaction.

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