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Mobile Banking Enable Cookies

Are you getting a login error on Mobile Banking?

GTE offers convenient access to your accounts with Mobile Banking! If you receive a login error when trying to access Mobile Banking, www.gtemobile.org, on your smart phone, we have found that in most cases, it is because cookies are not enabled on your phone's browser.

Instructions to enable Cookies

For iPhone: (Scroll down for Android)

1. To open the settings menu, tap the 'Settings' icon from the home screen


2. Once in the settings menu, tap 'Safari'.


3. To update the cookies setting, tap on the 'Accept Cookies' item to adjust the setting.


5. Notice the 'Accept Cookies' setting currently says 'Never'. This setting must be changed. Tap on the 'Always' option to change the setting for 'Accept Cookies'. Once you've done that, the check symbol should now be next to 'Always'.


6. With the 'Accept Cookies' setting checked, tap the Safari arrow to go back to the main settings for Safari.

For Android:

1. From the browser, touch menu and select 'More'.


2. Then select 'Settings.'


3. Then select 'Accept Cookies'. You will know cookies are enabled when there is a check in the check box.



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