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10x Points

Want to earn 10x points on your holiday shopping?

GTE Credit Cards Offer BIG Rewards when you Shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Are you considering braving the crowds on Black Friday or shopping from the comfort of your couch on Cyber Monday? Or maybe... both! You could be rewarded for your holiday purchases this year when you open a GTE credit card in November. Are you ready to earn 10x points on all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday credit card purchases?* GREAT!

Which GTE Credit Card is a Good Fit for you?

GTE Financial offers three credit card options to their members, the Go Premier, Go To, or Go Forward. Whether you're looking for amazing rewards, a great rate, or to enhance your credit, GTE has a credit card offering for you! To learn more about GTE credit cards, click the blue button below!

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So How Can you Apply?

If you haven't already decided which of the three cards is perfect for you, check out our easy to compare table which includes all the details and benefits to get you started! If you already know which card you’re interested in, you can click the green button below to apply!

Apply for a Credit Card

What can you spend your Go Points on?

You can redeem your points for cash back, gift cards, travel, event tickets, merchandise, and more! With 10x points on purchases for a whole week, you can essentially get 10% cash back if you choose to redeem your points for cash. Combine these rewards with all of the awesome deals offered for Black Friday and Cyber Monday...and savings have never been greater!

When will you receive your Bonus Points?

You will receive the normal reward point earnings, determined based on the credit card you applied for, within a few days of your purchase though the Go Points portal. The 10x points bonus for the holiday shopping promotion will post to your account separately in early December. There will be a lag time of one to two weeks from the initial posting of your points earned per dollar, and the bonus points applied from the holiday shopping promotion.

*Offer is valid for the GTE Go Premier, Go To, and Go Forward credit cards opened November 1st through December 2nd. 10x points will be rewarded for all purchases made November 25th through December 2nd, up until 20,000 bonus points accrue. Once 20,000 bonus points have been accrued through the promotion, points are rewarded at the standard rate for the Go Premier and Go To credit cards and the Go Forward credit card will no longer accrue Go Points. The offer is not able to be combined with the Go Premier card bonus categories. The most you could earn on any purchase with any card during this week is 10x points.

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