GTE Gamification Competition

2015 Got Game Competition

got-game-15-Landing-Page-Image.jpg‚ÄčNow announcing to all GTE Financial Members, prospects, and individuals who want to get in on a GREAT competition. We are launching the 2015 Got Game Competition! 

For those designers, web and app developers, creatives, gamers, and enthusiasts, you can create the next big mobile gaming app and win $10,000 plus residuals!

What We're Looking For

We want a game that's fun for everyone; it can be a puzzle, trivia, social, multi-player, or other. Think outside of the box! It should have an element of "banking/money" to the game. However, how you choose to tie finances into the game is up to you! Basically, it it's addicting, or if people would love playing it, we'd consider it in the competition! See below for what we selected as the winner in 2014 - Tri-Mazing! The winners incorporated "banking/money" into the game by adding up coins to advance to the next level of the game.

How Your Mobile Game Will Be Judged

  • Game Innovation, Creativity, and Originality
  • Ease of Use
  • Compatibility, Alignment, and Reinforcement of the GTE Financial Brand
  • Differentiation Within the Overall App Market
  • Ongoing Relevance, Sustainability, and Longevity
  • The Defining Benefit for Potential Users
  • Entertainment Value, Financial and Fun Factor, and Positive User Experience
  • User Popularity, Extent of User Adoption and Utilization
  • Monetization Potential, and Opportunity to Earn Incremental Revenue

The contest is now open for anyone to enter from April 1, 2015 - November 6, 2015. The mobile gaming app that you build must be original, a mobile game, and be ready to be submitted to the App store at time of the GTE contest submission.

Enter the 2015 Contest!

Official Rules and Regulations


2014 Got Game Competition

The 2014 winners of Got Game created Tri-Mazing, a puzzle game. See below for images and download today!

Meet the 2014 Winners



Download Tri-Mazing in the App Store or on Google Play today!