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You get 3,000 Go Points, and they get 3,000 Go Points

Man and woman hugging and laughing...when you give the gift of membership to the ones you love.

For the month of February, earn points when you refer a friend today – it’s easy! (Worth $25 each!)

Members! You get 3,000 Go Points if you:

  1. Are enrolled in eStatements and
  2. Give your referral code to a friend or family member to use during the JOINING process.

3,000 Go Points reward will be applied to referrer and new member accounts within 10 business days of being qualified.

Here's where to find your referral code in Online Banking:
Screenshot of menu in online banking
 When the person you refer redeems the referral code, you get 3,000 Go Points.
It’s just that simple.

Your friends get 3,000 Go Points if they:

  1. Provide YOUR referral code when they JOIN GTE Financial and open a checking or credit card.
  2. Enroll in eStatements
  3. Fund the new account within 30 days.

Bonus Play:

SHARE YOUR CODE WITH FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK – It’s worth a shot at some extra money!

Did someone refer you to GTE?
Here's how to make sure you get your 3,000 Go Points for joining!  
During the sign-up process on the website, here’s where to enter the code:


Screenshot of where to input the member referral code in the joining form.


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