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How to Avoid Fees


Keep more of your money!

As a not-for-profit credit union, we’re dedicated to giving you the best products and services with as few fees as possible. 

Most of the few fees GTE does charge can be avoided!

    • Inactive/Dormant Member Account Fee: As a not-for-profit credit union, we are always looking to provide the most value to membership that relies on and uses GTE as their primary financial institution! Use us more and you get more in return - yay to being a cooperative! There are costs that are incurred for each account a member has; that's why inactivity can impact return to membership. Inactive members are those that have not made a withdrawal, deposit or transfer in 6 months; and a dormant member has not made any of those transactions in the last 2 years. For inactive and dormant members, a $10.00 fee is assessed for each deposit account that falls within these parameters on a monthly basis until activity is resumed. To avoid this fee, simply complete one of the stated transactions every 6 months! This fee does not apply to Certificate of Deposit or IRA accounts. 

  • Courtesy Pay: Members are charged this fee if opted-in to Courtesy Pay and we cover a check or ACH withdrawal but there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the transaction amount. You can sign up for Overdraft Protection in Online Banking or at any GTE location which will automatically transfer funds from your Savings, Money Market, or Line of Credit account to your checking in the event you overdraft.
  • NSF: This fee occurs when there are not enough funds in your account to cover the amount of a transaction. The best way to avoid this fee is to always make sure you have available funds in your account before making a transaction. We offer these free ways to manage your account and check your account balances: 
  • Overdraft Transfer: You can avoid this fee by not over-drafting your account. Always be sure you have funds in your account to cover all transactions you make. You can also set up custom Account Balance Alerts so you can easily manage your money.
  • ATM Fees: As a credit union member, you have access to over 30,000 FREE ATMs within the CO-OP Network! See how to find one near you via text message and download the free ATM Locator app here.
  • Mailed Statement Charge: Simply sign up to receive your GTE account statements electronically and you’ll avoid this charge! eStatements are free, are available faster than mailed statements and are also more secure since they don’t get handled or sit in your mailbox. Sign up for eStatements in Online Banking under 'Accounts' > 'Statements' >and click "Sign up now" for eStatements .​
  • Shared Branch Transactions: If you’re not near a GTE location, you can avoid the $3 daily Shared Branch Transaction fee by using a free CO-OP ATM to conduct your business. You can use most CO-OP ATMs to make a check or cash deposit, withdraw money, verify and transfer balances, and more! You can also easily set up Direct Deposit, deposit checks with just your Smartphone or scanner for free with Deposit2GO, and manage your GTE accounts from almost anywhere using GTE’s Mobile and Online Banking – all are FREE to use!
  • Loan Late Payment: If you foresee not being able to make any GTE loan payment on time, we'll do our absolute best to work out a solution. Just contact our We Can Help team at the first sign of a payment issue to possibly avoid additional fees. 
  • Returned Item: Sometimes when you deposit a check written to you from someone else or from another account, it may be returned for a number of reasons. Verifying the funds are available in the account the funds are drawn on can help avoid this fee. ​​
  • Card Replacement: Your debit and credit cards are very valuable to you and should be kept safe. Avoid this fee by knowing where your cards are at all times and keeping them free from damage.
  • Point of Sale Denial: You can avoid this fee by making sure you have money in your account when making a purchase with your debit card. We have 24/7 access to your accounts via Online BankingMobile Banking and Phone Banking as well as custom Account Balance Alerts, so you always know how much money you have available.
  • Loan Coupon Book Request: Setting up an automatic payment on your loan not only gets you a 0.25% APR* discount on your interest rate but can avoid the need for a coupon book. You can also manage and make payments on your loan in Online BankingMobile Banking and Phone Banking for free. ​​
  • Stop Payment Removal: Sometimes a member may need to issues a stop payment on a check or ACH, where there is a standard $35 fee. If a Stop Payment removal is needed, a $10 fee is assessed.​​
  • Negative Balance Fee (after 6 days): If a member’s account remains in the negative for 6 days total in a month, a fee will be assessed. The account with a negative balance does not need to be in consecutive days.​​
  • Closed Account Within 180 Days: A member can avoid this fee by maintaining an open account longer than 180 days of initially opening the account.​​
  • Regulation D Excess Debits: Every time a member transfers money from savings to checking, a fee is applied after the 6th time within a month.​​
  • HSA Monthly Fee: In order to maintain your HSA account, a small service fee will be assessed per month to your account.​​
  • Member Statement Copy Fee: Keep your statements secure by signing up for eStatements. It's free and available sooner than mailed statements. You can sign up by logging into Online Banking.​​
  • Check Copies: A fee is applied any time a member requests a copy of their check.​​
  • Temporary Check Fees:We will no longer continue to issue free temporary checks. Instead you can order personal checks. If you are ordering checks for the first time, please contact our Member Care Department at 813.871.2690 or toll-free at 1.888.871.2690. If you have previously purchased checks, you can go to Online Banking and place an order.​​
  • Assisted Funds Transfer (Phone) : A fee will be assessed when you call Member Care to make a payment via telephone. To avoid this fee, you can pay your bills by going to Online Banking and setting up your Bill Pay. It’s secure and your payment is guaranteed to arrive on time.​​
  • Returned ACH/Wire: When there is an error with an ACH Wire, a service fee will be applied. It is important to send ACH Wires with correct information to avoid any fees.​​

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. .25% discount does not apply to Mortgages, Lines of Credit, Cash Secured Loans, and Credit Cards.

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