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Friends & Family Transfer

Send money to other GTE members!

GTE Financial members can transfer money for FREE within seconds to other GTE account holders with the click of the mouse in Online and Mobile Banking!

Friends & Family Transfer:

  • All you need is the recipient’s last name and account number.
  • Transfer up to $1,000 a day straight into their GTE account.
  • Login to Online or Mobile Banking.
  • In the top navigation, select 'Friends & Family Transfers' under 'Payments'.
  • Select your 'From' Account and Select a 'To' Account and input their last name and amount.
  • You can even add a Personal Note!
  • Submit and done.

Send an eCard with your Transfer!‚Äč

Friends & Family Transfers are simple and convenient! It’s just another innovative feature we added to make our members’ lives easier.

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