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See how GTE is revolutionizing Rewards Programs
Why Join GTE?

There’s lots of reasons why people choose GTE Financial over a big bank, and now we’re giving you even more reasons with our brand new rewards program, Go Points.

Ways to Earn Points

Now YOU can earn REWARDS POINTS with nearly all of GTE’s products like your checking account, credit card, account services, and even loans.

Earn Points - Cartoon picture of a store front for Brad's Bagels
Ways to Earn Points Awarded Details on how to rack up points
Home Loan 12,500 1x / Loan Looking to purchase, refinance from another bank or build? Earn points with a GTE Home Loan on your primary residence!
Go Signature Credit Card Introductory Offer 10,000 1x Spend $3,000 in your first 3 months with the GTE Go Signature Credit Card to earn 10,000 points, equivalent to $100 in cash!
Go Signature Credit Card Rewards Variable Ongoing Enjoy GTE's Go Signature Credit Card and earn up to 3x the points, plus take advantage of special retailer offers to rack up even more rewards.
Go To Credit Card Rewards Variable Ongoing Swipe your GTE Go To Credit Card and earn 1 point for every $1 you spend! This card also qualifies members to earn bonus points by shopping at top retailers.
Home Equity Loan 9,000 1x / Loan If you need funds, put your equity to work. Earn points with a fantastic GTE Home Equity Loan!
Go Forward Credit Card Rewards Variable Ongoing Earn rewards on your secured and unsecured Go Forward Credit Card for free when you take advantage of special retailer offers that pay you points to shop!
Debit Card Rewards Variable Ongoing Instead of earning 1 point for every $5, you’ll be able to rack up rewards with special retailer offers that offer bigger, better reward promotions, for free!
Home Equity Line of Credit 5,000 1x / Loan Earn points and enjoy the flexibility of a great-rate GTE Home Equity Line of Credit with a minimum $10,000 draw within the first 45 days. Must have an open balance at the end of 90 days.
Direct Auto Loan 5,000 1x / Loan Refinance from a different bank or purchase a used or new vehicle with a GTE Direct Auto Loan and earn big points.
Member Referral 3,000 Unlimited With GTE's exclusive Member Referral Program, refer a qualifying new member to GTE and earn points each time, unlimited!
Automatic Scheduled Loan Payment between GTE Accounts 2,500 1x / Loan Set up automatic loan payments from one GTE account to another and we'll transfer you some points!
Automatic Scheduled Loan Payment from Another Bank to a GTE Account 1,000 1x / Loan Set up automatic loan payments from an outside financial institution to a GTE loan and we'll reward you!
Courtesy Pay Debit Card 500 1x / Member Sign up for Courtesy Pay with your Debit Card, and boom! Free points!
eStatements 500 1x / Member Enroll in free eStatements. You'll save money each month, enjoy added convenience and security, plus earn points.
Direct Deposit 500 1x / Member Have your paycheck deposited directly into your GTE Checking Account to earn points.
Use the GTE Mobile App to Deposit a Check 50 1x / Member Earn points when you deposit a check through the GTE Mobile App for the first time.
Retailer Rewards Variable Unlimited Members will be able to earn bonus rewards points through special offers from top retailers. Ex. Lowes® may give 3x the points for a special promotion. Members will be able to use their eligible GTE card to earn the bonus points from Lowes - no sign-up or coupon needed. Simply swipe!
Ways to Spend Points

1x! 2x! 3x!!! What you going to do with all those points? There’s lots of ways to turn them into stuff!

Spend Points - Cartoon picture of a building similar to a Bank with Redeem on the facade
Ways to Spend Cost Awarded GTE-exclusive benefits you can redeem for
GTE Go Points (Cash Back, Gift Cards, Travel + More) Variable Ongoing With GTE Go Points, use your rewards to redeem for great stuff like gift cards, cash back, merchandise and travel. You'll be able to login to Online Banking to shop 'til you drop!
.25% APR Loan Discount 15,000 1x / Loan Redeem for a .25% Annual Percentage Rate reduction on an eligible, fixed-term auto or vehicle loan (ex. boat, RV or motorcycle). Redeem your points and ride away with a sweet rate drop! Minimum APR floor applies.
Annual Paper Statement Fee Reimbursement 7,000 1x / Year Want to receive paper statements for a year for free? Simply pay with points.
Early Paycheck Free for 1 Year Reimbursement 6,000 1x / Year Redeem to receive your paycheck early for 1 year! Get paid a day early each pay period with your GTE Checking Account and Direct Deposit.
Go Signature Credit Card $60 Annual Fee Reimbursement 7,000 1x / Year Want to get the annual fee for your GTE Go Signature Credit Card reimbursed? Simply redeem and enjoy 3x the points for free for another year!
Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Fee Reimbursement 4,500 1x / Unlimited Incur an NSF Fee recently? Redeem points to receive a 1x reimbursement.
Balance Transfer Fee Reimbursement ($60) 6,000 1x / Unlimited Move a new balance to your GTE Credit Card and redeem points for a 1x reimbursement of $60 to help cover the transfer.
Box of Basic Checks Reimbursement (PDF file opens in new window) 3,500 1x / Unlimited Need checks? Redeem to get your box of basic design checks free with a 1x reimbursement.
Coinstar® Fee Reimbursement ($25) 3,000 1x / Unlimited Used Coinstar recently? Use your points to earn a 1x reimbursement of $25.
Card Replacement Fee Reimbursement 1,500 1x / Unlimited Redeem points to get a 1x reimbursement for your GTE Debit or Credit Card replacement.
Loan Coupon Book Fee Reimbursement 1,500 1x / Unlimited Instead of money out-of-pocket, pay for your Loan Coupon Book with points.
Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee Reimbursement 1,200 1x / Unlimited Use points to pay for a 1x Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee reimbursement.
ATM Fee Reimbursement ($7) 1,000 1x / Unlimited Hate paying ATM fees? Get a 1x reimbursement of $7 for ATM surcharges when you pay with points!
Official Check Fee Reimbursement 900 1x / Unlimited Want to get reimbursed for an Official Check? No problem! Use your points for a 1x reimbursement.
Money Order Fee Reimbursement (PDF file opens in a new window) 650 1x / Unlimited Recently pay for a Money Order? Use points for a 1x reimbursement to cover the charge.
.25% APY Increase on New and Renewal Share Certificate Rates 5,500 1x Per Product Per Term Want to earn even more on your GTE Share Certificate? Redeem points to earn an additional .25% Annual Percentage Yield for a full term, per product.
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