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Want to earn points with your GTE checking account? There are several ways to take advantage of Go Points! The best way, is to use Ampre. Ampre allows the largest and smallest retailers across the country to offer you exclusive deals, and bonus points for shopping with them! Use your debit card at any of these retailers and save money, or earn points and sometimes both!

Earn Points
Ways to Earn Points
Direct Deposit 500 1x / Member Have your paycheck deposited directly into your GTE Checking Account to earn points.
Courtesy Pay Debit Card 500 1x / Member Sign up for Courtesy Pay with your Debit Card, and boom! Free points!
eStatements 500 1x / Member Enroll in free eStatements. You'll save money each month, enjoy added convenience and security, plus earn points.
Use the GTE Mobile App to Deposit a Check 50 1x / Member Earn points when you deposit a check through the GTE Mobile App for the first time.
Ampre Variable    Unlimited Get rewarded each time you shop at specific participating Ampre retailers
Early Paycheck 500 1x / Member Enroll in Early Paycheck and receive two deposits early to earn
Overdraft Protection 100 1x / Member Enroll in Overdraft Protection on your checking account for 30 days to qualify!
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