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Welcome to Go Points!

Here are some tips for getting started.

Go Points is an absolutely free benefit to GTE Financial members 16 and older. Earn points for all the great ways your use your credit union, then spend your points on epic stuff, like cash back, gift cards, travel and special financial benefits. In order to be a participant in this exclusive program, there are some simple requirements for eligibility.

Get Started
How Do I Access Go Points?
  • Simply login to Online Banking and click Go Points under Rewards. Once you have validated your email address 1x, you are good to go!
Requirements for Enrollment in Go Points

To be auto-enrolled, you must have

  • A Member Owner Share Account and a Regular Share
  • Access to Online Banking
  • One of the following: Checking Account, Direct Consumer Loan or Home Loan

Don’t have a checking account, direct consumer loan or home loan?

  • No sweat! You can manually opt-in as long as you meet the following criteria
  • You’re 16 years old
  • Can access Online Banking

A joint account holder may participate in Go Points as long as they

  • Have access to Online Banking
  • Manually enroll in Go Points
  • Link to a member with an active Go Points account
  • Linking is permanent and will allow a joint to view and redeem points
Not a member yet?
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