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Home Loans

GTE makes home buying fun!

Home Loans
  • There’s no better way to top off buying a house then being about to fill it with cool merchandise! With our Go Points program, you’ll earn 12,500 points for getting a loan with us!
  • Want to grow your points balance even further? Set-up automatic payments to pay your mortgage and you can earn an additional 2,500 points if it’s from a GTE account or 1,000 points if it’s from another institution.
  • Closing costs have you worried? You can use the points earned from your mortgage, and setting up automatic payments to get cash back when you need it most!

Auto Loans

GTE’s low rates on auto loans just got even sweeter!

Auto Loans
  • For a long time, GTE has offered great rates on auto loans but now with Go Points you can take advantage of the great rates, and earn points! Sweet!
  • Applying for an auto loan with GTE is easy, and rewarding! Close on your new car and we’ll reward you with 2,500 points!

Consumer Loans

Let GTE reward you for getting a personal loan!

Consumer Loans
  • Interested in opening up a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), or a Home Equity Loan? GTE not only makes it easy for you, we reward our members with points for opening the account!
  • Open up a HELOC with us, and we’ll give you 5,000 points! That’s $50 worth of redeemable points for awesome things like cash back, travel, merchandise or gift cards!
  • Thinking about a Home Equity Loan? That will score you 9,000 points in our Go Points program!

Ways to Earn Points

Home Loan 12,500 1x / Loan Looking to purchase, refinance from another bank or build? Earn points with a GTE Home Loan on your primary residence!
Direct Auto Loan 2,500 1x / Loan Refinance from a different bank or purchase a used or new vehicle with a GTE Direct Auto Loan and earn big points.
Home Equity Loan 9,000 1x / Loan If you need funds, put your equity to work. Earn points with a fantastic GTE Home Equity Loan of at least $25,000!
Use the GTE Mobile App to Deposit a Check 50 1x / Member Earn points when you deposit a check through the GTE Mobile App for the first time.
Automatic Scheduled Loan Payment between GTE Accounts 2,500 1x / Loan Set up automatic loan payments from one GTE account to another and we'll transfer you some points!
Home Equity Line of Credit 5,000 1x / Loan Earn points and enjoy the flexibility of a great-rate GTE Home Equity Line of Credit with an initial minimum draw of $10,000 within the first 45 days. Any balance must be maintained for at least 90 days.
Automatic Scheduled Loan Payment from Another Bank to a GTE Account 1,000 1x / Loan Set up automatic loan payments from an outside financial institution to a GTE loan and we'll reward you!
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