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Redemptions & Rewards

While earning points is great, nothing beats spending points on awesome merchandise, travel, gift cards or even cash back! The best part about Go Points is we give you the option to choose how you want to be rewarded. Credit Unions and especially GTE have the mantra of giving back to members, and this is our way of showing our appreciation to members who bank with us!

  • Cash Back - Nobody hates cold hard cash! You can convert your points to cash into your GTE checking or savings accounts at any time.
  • Travel - Feeling like you need a vacation? Book a flight, rent a car, and reserve a hotel room…and get away! With Go Points you can take care of all of your vacation needs by spending your points! Go Points has a large selection of flights and hotels all around the world waiting for you to explore! Unlike many rewards programs, or travel sites, we allow you to also book flights on Southwest!
  • Merchandise - Go Points offers the hottest merchandise to redeem for, including laptops, TVs, appliances, household items, games and movies, and so much more. There are options for everyone!
  • Gift Cards - Go Points gives you the chance to redeem for gift cards to your favorite retailers, restaurants and online shopping destinations!
  • Go Points Offers - Redeem for awesome GTE account related items such as fee reimbursements, rate discounts on loans, increased APY on share certificates, and more!
  • Events - One of the most unique parts about the rewards catalog for Go Points, is that you can even spend points to get tickets to local or national events! Check to see if the latest concert coming to town, or a sporting event you’ve been dying to go to is available!

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