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Member Referral FAQs

Get $25.00 when you refer friends and family to GTE Financial with our Member Referral program.

How do I get credit for a referral?

Every member has a unique code to use when referring members:

  1. Get your unique code within GTE Online Banking in your ‘Member Rewards Center’ tab, and select the 'Referrals' tab. Once there, you can print referral cards and even send an email to friends and family with your unique Member referral code.  
  2. Give that code to any potential members you refer before they apply.
  3. If they apply online, within the application, there will be an ‘Additional Questions’ section. Type in the Member Referral Code into the available field.
  4. If they apply over the phone or at a Community Financial Center, make sure they have your referral code to provide to the GTE Financial representative.
Are there qualifications?

Yes. The qualifications are simple and easy to meet in order to receive a $25 bonus.

To get your $25, you need to:

  • Provide your unique referral code to those you refer
  • Be enrolled in eStatements
  • Have your GTE accounts in good standing

    Members under 18 years of age (Early Saver account holders) can refer new members and are eligible for the $25 Member referral bonus, however, the new Member must open a regular savings account and a checking or personal loan within 30 days of becoming a Member. Early Saver new account openings do not qualify.

    I should have received $25, but I haven't seen it yet.
    GTE Financial has a program that allows you to see if all qualifications have been met. Please review the Member Referral qualifications (under ‘Member Rewards Center’ in Online Baking) to see if there any items you or the member you referred may have missed. If you’ve reviewed the qualifications and still believe you should have received $25, please contact GTE Financial at 813.871.2690 or toll-free at 1.888.871.2690.
    Is there a limit to how many referrals I can have?
    No. However, if you were to reach $500 or more in Member Referrals, there is additional tax documentation you would be responsible for filing. More information would be sent to you at tax time.
    Where is the $25 deposited?

    The Member Referral should be deposited into your primary savings account.

    Can I track a referral?

    Yes. Login to Online Banking and track your referrals in the ‘Member Rewards Center’.

    How long does it take to get the $25?

    All referrals will be funded the night the Member Referral qualifications are met.

    As long as you are enrolled in eStatements and your accounts are in good standing, you will see your $25 once the new member you refer has met all the required qualifications and provided your unique referral code.

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