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Introducing Ampre​​​green-member-referral-button.jpg

Ampre is our new retailer rewards system! Use your GTE debit or credit card at participating merchants and you’ll get rewarded with bonus points per dollar that you spend! Some merchants even offer discounts right off of your purchase price! Thousands of merchants, with millions of different products and services are eligible for rewards! Some of the nation’s biggest retailers like Best Buy®, Macy’s® and Target®, as well local small businesses participate!

It's as easy as...


When Go Points launches, you will be able to access Ampre by logging into Online Banking, clicking Go Points, and selecting Ampre when you are on the Go Points website!  There are thousands of popular retailers and millions of top products to choose from, along with a search button to find all of your favorite retailers!


Simply use your GTE debit or credit card for your purchase. There is no need to print a coupon, copy a coupon code, or enable an offer!


You’ll automatically earn bonus points* on every purchase you make—it’s that simple. Your points will stack on top of normal credit card points that you get with your GTE Go To or Go Signature credit cards!

*Business cards are not eligible

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