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FAQs - Ampre

What is Ampre?

Ampre is part of our Go Points rewards program where retailers give you bonus points and sometimes discounts for shopping with them.

Do I have to sign up?

No! As long as you are enrolled in Go Points, you are set to take advantage of Ampre!

How can I find the offers in Ampre?

If you login to your Go Points account, through Online Banking, you’ll see a tab at the top called Ampre. Click on Ampre and there are several different ways you can explore which offers are live. You can search by category, view the featured retailers, or use your zip code to find stores around you.

I found an offer, now how do I take advantage?

Shopping with Ampre is simple! If the offer is for bonus points, simply shop at the retailer, and you’ll earn the points when you checkout with your GTE debit or credit card. Some of the offers, especially those that give you a discount off the purchase price, will have instructions within the offer and can vary from retailer to retailer. If you click on any offer in Ampre, they will always explain how to take advantage.

I have a Go To or Signature card with GTE, will I still get the normal points when I shop with Ampre?

Yes! If you shop at a home improvement store for instance, with a GTE Go Signature card, you would get 3x points because that’s a bonus category associated with the card, as well as any offer that is Ampre. So if the store was offering 5x points for every dollar you spend there, you would get 8x points per dollar!

Do the offers in Ampre change often?

Yes, they change daily! While some offers may end, more offers are always being added. Make sure to check regularly that way you’re always on top of the best ways to earn extra points!

Are Ampre offers online only?

No, many offers for Ampre also work in physical locations, and some are even only in physical locations. It will always indicate on the offer, how you can take advantage of the bonus points.

Will my Ampre points show up in the same location as points I earned from Go Points?

Yes, your points will all be pooled in the same location so you can redeem them for the same awesome prizes.

Does Ampre cost anything?

No, Ampre is free to members through the Go Points program!

Can I take advantage of more than 1 offer?

Yes, there is no limit!

When will I see my Ampre points apply?

Points can take up to 90 days to post. This solely depends on the speed of the retailer sending us the required information to post your points.

Which GTE Cards does Ampre work on?

All GTE debit and credit cards, except for business.

Do I have to sign up for individual offers to get the campaign incentive?

No, just follow the instructions on the specific offers that you want to take advantage!

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