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FAQs - Debit and Credit Rewards

What is CURewards?

CURewards lets you earn 1 point for every $5 dollars you spend with your Debit Card, and 1 point for every $1 dollar you spend with your Credit Card. You can earn cash back, redeem for travel, or gifts in the CURewards website. See more.

What is the new rewards program?

The best thing ever! GTE Go Points is our newest loyalty program scheduled to launch in July 2017. It’s built to reward our amazing members for all of the great products and services they use, even beyond Credit Card and Debit Card purchases. There’s more ways that you can earn points and there’s more benefits that you can redeem for. As part of the transition to bigger and better, CURewards and Member Advantage will be ending. But, don’t worry! We’ve made sure our members enjoy the transition by ensuring you don’t lose, only gain. 

Why is CURewards going away?

At GTE, everything is built around providing as much value as possible to our members. CURewards is a program that provided points for eligible Debit and Credit Card transactions. You earned 1 point for every $5 spent on signature Debit purchases and 1 point for every $1 spent on Credit Card purchases. We want to boost up the ability for members to earn even more points, beyond just swiping and spending. GTE Go Points will provide ways to earn points for even more GTE activities! We will be including points for things like loans and account features. You will still be able to redeem for great stuff like gift cards, travel, merchandise and cash back...the only difference will be more options, including new, exclusive GTE benefits! 

When does the CURewards Program end?

The official end date of the CURewards program is July 12, 2017. However, there are other important dates to take note of for the Debit Card, Credit Card and CURewards Mall portions of the program. That's why we've put together a schedule to help make sure that members are informed about how the CURewards program will be transitioned. Click here for a list of key dates!

What can I do with CURewards prior to July 12, 2017?

We've put together a schedule to help make sure that members are informed about how the CURewards program will be transitioned. Click here for a list of key dates! 

Am I losing points?

Not at all! All of your Credit Card and Debit Card points earned on CURewards will be moved over to GTE Go Points launching in July, at the same value as CURewards. Any migrated Debit Card points will be available to use for a full 12 months before they expire. Hooray! All Credit Card points that are transitioned over will expire on their natural cycle based on when they were earned with CURewards. Within the rewards system, you will be notified of what points expire at what time so you are always in the loop. 


If CURewards ends on July 12 and GTE Go Points launches shortly after, will I still be able to earn Credit Card points during this transition? What about Debit Card points?
  • Credit Card – Yes. We will track your spending and make sure any points you would have earned with CURewards between July 12, 2017 and when the new program launches are applied! You will not lose out on any Credit Card point earnings! Yay!
  • Debit Card – We will only be applying Debit Card points to the new program that were earned up until when the CURewards Debit Card program ends on April 28, 2017. The great news is, any points members have accumulated in the CURewards program will be transitioned over - no losing points! Members will have a full 12 months to use any migrated Debit Card points that were moved over, so you have plenty of time to shop and spend. 
After July 12, will I still be able to access the CURewards.com website?

Once the CURewards program officially ends on July 12, 2017, you will no longer have access to login to the CURewards.com website to view and manage your points. If you try to login, you may receive an error message. But, don't worry! GTE Go Points will be kicking-off in July and available to members very shortly after CURewards ends, so you will not have long to wait! Once the new program launches, you will be able to view all your points that were migrated over, new points earned and be able to manage points similarly to how you managed points in CURewards...only it will be easier, more fun and you'll have more options to earn and spend. 

Should I redeem all of my points before GTE Go Points launches?

No need! You will not be losing any points during the transition to a new bigger and better rewards experience! When CURewards sunsets on July 12, 2017, any points earned in CURewards will be moved over, so you don’t need to feel rushed to spend points now. With the upgraded loyalty points program, you’ll have new options to redeem for and new ways to earn points faster.

Will I be able to earn Credit Card or Debit Card points in the future?

Absolutely! With GTE Go Points rolling out in July, you will definitely be able to earn reward points for your purchases with your eligible GTE Credit Card and Debit Card. We’ve also added in some new benefits as well that will help you really rack up the rewards so you can redeem for more! Members will be able to earn points on products like loans and on account features. It's all about expanding points beyond cards so members earn more!


Where can I learn more about the existing program?

Click here to view details about the current CURewards program.

What about the CURewards Mall?

The CURewards Mall was a part of the overall CURewards program. Retailers would create special offers for Debit and Credit Card purchases such as double points or triple points. As part of the transition to a bigger and better rewards experience, the CURewards Mall will be ending. Click here to view "Key Dates", including when the CURewards Mall will be sunsetting for Debit and Credit Cards. The best thing is, when GTE Go Points launches, you will see an expanded list of offerings that will knock your socks off! We've invested big time in making sure members get even more value from retailer campaigns. 

Will I still have to pay for CURewards?

One of the coolest things that launched in 2017 was GTE's brand new Credit Card Suite! As part of that launch, we made reward points free to members with the Go To Credit Card, eliminating the $25 Annual Fee. With GTE Go Points launching in July, members will not have to pay for rewards points either! It's GTE's way of saying thank you for using your credit union's products and services. Free benefits is part of what makes being a member-owner of a not-for-profit cooperative so great; the more we earn, the more we can return! 

Will I be able to link accounts and combine points?

Yes! Just like in the CURewards program, members will actually be able to pool points with other members in their household. But even better - instead of a single point bucket for Debit and another bucket for Credit, members will automatically have a shared points bucket that pools all their points - no need to complete a form or go through hoops. With the new rewards program, whether you earn points through using your GTE card to make a purchase, or if you earn points through one of the new ways to earn points, such as a loan or signing up for an account feature - each member's points will be collected into one singular bucket instantly. And, if you want to join points with someone in your household, you will be able to set that up within the new rewards program launching in July! It's all about making your points experience fun, easy, and awesome for earning more and redeeming for more.

Will I be able to gift points?

Absolutely! If you are feeling generous and want to do a 1 time gift to a fellow member, by all means! Within the new rewards experience launching in July, members will be able to gift points to others. If you want to combine points regularly with someone who lives with you, we will also have an option for that.

Will I still be able to redeem for the stuff I am used to?

For sure! All the great things you may have redeemed points for with CURewards, you will still be able to use points on with GTE Go Points launching in July. For example, we will still be offering cash back, gift cards, merchandise and travel. The best part is, we are ramping it up! There will be even more retailer campaign specials, where popular stores and shops reward you even more for shopping with them. We will also have GTE exclusive benefits you can purchase with points. Look out for the full details on what you can earn and what you can spend on closer to launch. 

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