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FAQs - Member Advantage Upgrade

What is Member Advantage?

Member Advantage is a loyalty program that rewards benefits if the member has specific products and services at the Credit Union. See full details here.

What is the new rewards program?

The best thing ever! GTE Go Points is GTE’s newest loyalty program scheduled to launch in July 2017. It’s built to reward our amazing members for all of the great products and services they use, even beyond Credit Card and Debit Card purchases. There’s more ways that you can earn points and there’s more benefits that you can redeem for. As part of the transition to bigger and better, CURewards and Member Advantage will be ending. But, don’t worry! We’ve made sure our members enjoy the transition by ensuring you don’t lose, only gain. 

Why is Member Advantage going away?

The most important thing at GTE is making sure our members receive the most value possible. Member Advantage was built to reward members that were highly engaged with their credit union, using lots of services and products. What we noticed over the years though is only about 40,000 of our members were actually reaping the benefits of the program. In 2017, GTE Financial hit an awesome milestone of 250,000 members – woohoo! In order to ensure more of our members are rewarded for using their credit union, Member Advantage will be ending in July 2017 with benefits being awarded in August 2017. The great news is, it will be replaced by a bigger, better and more inclusive points program that is more fun and open to all membership! 

When is Member Advantage ending?

In preparation for GTE Go Points launching in July 2017, the existing Member Advantage program will be ending in July 2017. The current Member Advantage program requires members to qualify monthly: members earn rewards one month, with benefits being applied the month following. In order to ensure that members enjoy this transition, we will be awarding benefits for Member Advantage in July, while also launching our new loyalty rewards program in July - so members get the benefits of both programs in July 2017. If a member qualifies in July, Member Advantage benefits will be applied in August 2017! If you are already receiving Member Advantage benefits, please click here to see how each current benefit will be transitioned.

What is happening to my Member Advantage benefits?

Great question! We’ve made it a priority to ensure that if you qualified for Member Advantage and have earned benefits, that we make this transition easy and enjoyable. We've kept member needs top-of-mind! Click here for additional details about each benefit.

Where can I learn more about the existing program?

Click here to view details about the current Member Advantage program. 

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