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FAQs - Rewards

What is Go Points?

The best thing ever! GTE Go Points is GTE’s newest loyalty program launched in July of 2017. It’s built to reward our amazing members for all of the great products and services they use, even beyond Credit Card and Debit Card purchases. There’s more ways that you can earn points and there’s more benefits that you can redeem for. 

Who will be eligible?

One of the best things about GTE Go Points is that all members will be eligible to participate (you must be 16 years or older and be in good standing). Now, all 250,000+ of our members will be able to earn points for GTE activities as well as products and services. 

How do I register?

Once Go Points launches, you can access the program through Online Banking. Depending on the accounts you have with GTE, some members will be auto-enrolled into the program. Member's who are not auto enrolled can simply opt-in to the program! Once you are enrolled in the program, you will just need to confirm your email address on the Go Points website to complete your registration. You can find more information on how to get started with Go Points here.

How does it work?

You get points for making everyday purchases, opening GTE products, referring friends, and tons of other ways! Once you have points, you can redeem and spend in the new rewards program.

What will I get points for?

The primary reason for launching a new rewards experience for members is to provide more ways for members to earn and spend! We want our members to feel the love when they use their credit union's products and services. In the past, with the CURewards program, members were able to earn points...however, they could only earn points on Credit Card and Debit Card purchases. With GTE Go Points, we will be expanding the ways members can earn to include things like loans, enrolling in account features and more! Check out the Go Points home page for more info!

When is Go Points launching?

Go Points launched on July 18th, 2017.


Is there a cost?

Great question! And, the big answer is...not at all :) GTE Go Points will be free to members. It's our way of saying thank you for using GTE as your primary financial institution. As a not-for-profit credit union, the more members use our products and services, the more value we can return to the cooperative! It's what makes being a credit union so different than a big bank. 

Do I have to link my Debit and Credit Card points together when GTE Go Points launches?

The answer is no. Unlike CURewards, with the new points program, all your points will be automatically pooled together into one big bucket! So, whether you earn points with your Debit Card, Credit Card or with a home loan, they will all be instantly combined. The member will not have to take any additional steps and fill out a form to link points like they do today. 

Can I still link my accounts with another person?

Yes! With GTE Go Points, members will be able to link their points with another member earning points by completing an easy online form. This will allow for seamless sharing of points! Members will also be able to do a 1x gifting of points to another person. So, members will be able to link and share all their points with another, or gift points when desired. To link to another member you must share the same last name, zip code and city. If you would like to link but dont meet these requirements, you can share your points through the gifting portal.

Can I gift points?

Absolutely! See above. They will have a 60-day expiration date.


What's the point gifting minimum?

You can gift a minimum of 100 points.

Will points be awarded to members that already have GTE products?

Points in the new Go Points program will started accruing in July 2017 for new activities. For example, if you had a mortgage prior to July 2017 when the program launched, you would not receive 12,500 points retroactively. Prior to Go Points, we offered promotions or incentives regularly for almost all our products and services that members were able to take advantage of.  

We will be offering more great incentives throughout the year to keep things fresh for members to earn points.

In what order are my points spent when I redeem?

Points are deducted from your account for redemptions using first in, first out. Your oldest points which expire sooner, will be redeemed first.

Can I buy points?

No, you can't buy points. There is only one example of using points + cash on an item. Ex.: You want to purchase an airline ticket but don't have enough points to cover the point total. You can use all of your points and then pay the remainder with cash. 

Will I be able to redeem for cash back?

Yes! With Go Points, cash back is now available for redemptions as low as $25 (3,000 points). Previously with CURewards, you had to accumulate enough points to redeem for $200 (20,000 points)!

Will points expire?

Yes. Points do expire. Great news is, the Go Points website within Online Banking will always keep you updated on what points expire when! Points will expire 3 years after they are earned. If you participated in GTE’s previous rewards program, CURewards, debit card points earned through April 28, 2017 were automatically migrated to Go Points in July 2017; migrated debit card points will expire in July 2018, offering 1 full year to shop and spend! Migrated credit card points will expire on their natural cycle, when they would have expired in CURewards. 

What is the value of a point?

When you are earning points, the value of a point is $0.01 per point. This is the same value as our previous rewards program CURewards. 


What is Ampre?

Ampre is merchant funded rewards and you will find it inside the "Go Points" website. You can spend at highlighted merchants (like Home Depot) and get awesome points (could be $1=1point, or more!). These transactions will post as "pending" within 5 days of the transaction, but the actual points won't post on your account until the merchant funds the transaction, which could be up to 45 days. Read more about Ampre here.

A Pop-Up blocker is preventing me from registering or enrolling in Go Points, how can I disable it?

We have noticed that members with pop-up blockers or ad-blockers have issues registering the first time they try to join Go Points. We have created this helpful guide to show you how to disable pop-up blockers in your browser. Once you are registered, you may re-enable the blocker and continue without issue!

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