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Member Advantage Upgrade


The New Member Advantage​​​

It’s Happening August 1!

GTE Financial is always looking for the best way to return value to our amazing membership! For the last 5+ years, Member Advantage has rewarded members for using our products and services. For the life of the program, only about 40,000 of our 250,000+ members were able to qualify each year. It's GTE's mission to make our rewards even more inclusive!

That's why we have rolled out GTE Go Points! Unlike the current Member Advantage, we've eliminated monthly qualifications that can have you “in” one month, and “out” the next. Instead, you'll earn rewards points for a host of products and services like card transactions as well as loans and account features! We've included more ways to earn, so members have more ways to spend! Members will be able to redeem for cash back, travel, gift cards and merchandise, but with a lot more options, in addition to GTE exclusive benefits!

Key Dates:

  • Member Advantage will be ending on July 31, 2017 and benefits will be awarded in August. 
  • If you are currently receiving benefits from Member Advantage, we have you covered
  • GTE Go Points has launched in July – so you can continue to reap the benefits of both programs during the transition!​​button-1.jpg

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Frequently Asked Questions

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