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New Rewards Launch This Summer


It’s Go Time, With More Rewards

GTE Go Points is here!

Why bank with GTE? We want that answer to be crystal clear…”Because you love rewards!”

As a not-for-profit credit union, the more members that use our products and services, the more value we can give back. That’s why GTE is investing in a bigger, better loyalty program built to give members more points for all the great ways they utilize their credit union! More points = more spending!


Key Info:

  • GTE Go Points is here!
  • In preparation for launching our bigger and better rewards experience, CURewards and Member Advantage will be going away. However, we made sure you’d enjoy the transition. We kept your benefits top-of-mind!
  • What’s the “point” (pun intended)? Check back in to learn all the awesome ways you’ll be able to earn and pool points for more great stuff. You’ll not only be able to earn on traditional card purchases, but will also be rewarded for other products and services like auto and home loans as well as signing up for account features.
  • More ways to earn means more ways to spend! You'll still be able to redeem for cash back, travel, gift cards, events, merchandise and more. Big difference will be more options and ways to earn points faster.

Check this page often for new updates! >>> Go Back to Main Rewards Page

Click here for full rewards program Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

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