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We Can Help

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As GTE Financial employees, we’re people and members, too. We understand that life happens and often on the turn of a dime. When our valued members are going through not-so-great times, GTE wants to help.

Our "We Can Help" program has offered loan solutions to assist thousands of members who have been hit by an economic hardship. If you’re experiencing a financial situation affecting your ability to make payments on a GTE loan, we can work with you to arrange alternative payment options. By contacting us at the first sign of trouble, we can work together to uncover a solution while you regain your financial footing.

Since 2008, our "We Can Help" program, has offered loan solutions that have assisted thousands of members who are experiencing a financial hardship. If you are experiencing a situation that may affect your ability to make payments on a GTE Financial loan, we can work with you to arrange alternative options.

If you would like a loan to be reviewed for possible assistance, please complete the information needed depending on your type of loan:

You May Qualify for our Skip-A-Payment Promotion

GTE Financial allows members with qualifying loans to skip one of their monthly payments. To determine if your loan qualifies, click the button below.

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