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Financial Security Tips When Traveling

Have plans to travel?

Whether you’re going to visit family, headed abroad for your honeymoon or need to go away on business, GTE Financial has some financial security tips to make sure you enjoy every minute of it!

  1. Let GTE know when you’ll be traveling outside your usual location

    As a security precaution, if a debit or credit card charge occurs someplace out of the ordinary, your card may be flagged and blocked.

    One way we prevent and protect you from fraudulent activity is monitoring and detecting abnormal spending activity. A big factor when determining the legitimacy of a purchase is where the purchase is being made. To ensure there is no interruption with your spending approvals, notify us at least 48 hours in advance.

    How to notify us and prevent a card block:
    • Log in to GTE Online Banking and fill out the ‘Request to Unblock Card’ form located under Everything Else > Resources > Forms in the main navigation menu. Click here if it’s your first time logging in to Online Banking.
    • If you have already submitted the unblock request form and there’s a change in your itinerary, please let us know by calling 813.871.2690 or toll-free at 1.888.871.2690.
  2. Double check your account balance, credit limits, and card expiration dates

    In the shuffle of last minute packing and planning, be sure your balances and credit limits are in order and your cards won’t be declined simply because of the expiration dates. Check all your GTE accounts within Online Banking for peace of mind that you’re good to go.

  3. Carry a variety of payment options

    In addition to your debit and primary credit card, it’s a good idea to have a backup card and a small amount of cash carried separately from the others. In the event you lose your main cards, you’ll be prepared with alternate means to pay.

  4. Be aware of "checkout fees" on credit card purchases out of state

    In January of 2013, some states made it legal for retailers to charge fees when consumers purchase goods using their credit cards. It’s important to know that these “checkout fees” can only be assessed on credit card transactions, not debit cards, even if you select the credit option. For a list of states where checkout fees are legal or to learn your rights, click here.

  5. Make note of issuer’s contact number

    Before you leave, make a list of the issuer’s phone number for each card. This way, if your cards are lost or stolen, you have their contact information to immediately report the loss. Need help with a GTE card? You can reach GTE Card Services at 1.800.449.7728.

  6. Sign up for Visa® Alerts

    Mobile phone and email Visa Alerts are a free GTE member benefit that help you track your spending and warn you of potential fraudulent activity. You can even customize the alerts - like only transactions over a specific amount or those made internationally! Sign up today and give your GTE Visa Platinum another layer of protection.

    GTE has your spending convenience in mind without compromising security. Find more tips, tools, and updated fraud alerts at our Security Center.

Did you Know?

As a Visa Platinum cardholder, you are automatically enrolled in Worldwide Automatic Travel Accident & Baggage Delay Insurance! That means, if the entire cost of your passenger fare has been charged to your Visa Platinum account, you will be protected in case of accident or baggage delay of $100 per day for 3 days! See our Description of Coverage for more information.

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