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Webroot FAQs

Why is GTE offering Webroot Secure Anywhere software?

The sensitive information you share on the internet is invaluable to fraudsters.  Without protecting this information alof the time, your identity and your money may be at risk.  Webroot Secure Anywhere provides you with an additional layer of protection when you are banking, shopping and transacting online.

What does it protect?

Webroot Secure Anywhere protects all the details that you may share with an internet banking, web shopping or social networking website, such as: login details, passwords, account numbers, credit card details, social security numbers and personal information such as addresses, dates of birth etc. Webroot SecurAnywhere protects these details all of the time against threats from phishing sites and malicious software, which may try to steal your information.

Who is Webroot?

Webroot is a leading supplier of PC security products for the last 16 years.  Their products are designed to be fast,effective and user-centric, whilst providing a high level of protection for your PC and the information you share on the internet.

Is Webroot software that I get from the Credit Union different from the software that I can get directly from Webroot?

Yes. The Webroot software from the credit union is Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shieland is not directly available from Webroot.  It is exclusive to the credit union for  GTE members only.

Can I upgrade Webroot software?

Yes. The Webroot software can be upgraded to other versions.

What is the difference between my antivirus and Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield?

Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield (WSA ID Shield) is designed to work on top of any other any other security product you already have. WSAIDShield is very light, fast and effective and is unique in the following ways.

  • WSA ID Shield adds a secondary layer of protection and is designed to neutralize hard to detect malicious software such as banking Trojans by usinga series of generic protection mechanisms, keeping your identity and on-line activity secure.
  • WSA ID Shield does not use virus definition updates that become out of date, instead WSA accesses a sophisticated on-line intelligence network in real-time to determine the nature of a threat. By using the vast computing power of its cloud network, WSA ID Shield knows about brand new threats in seconds rather than taking hours or days, significantly reducing the damaging effects of new threats.
  • WSA ID Shield is the lightest and fastest antivirus productin the industry, around 0.7 megabytes in size, so it downloads and installs in secondsand has virtually no impact on your devices performance.
  • WSA ID Shield is the most effective software at detecting and blocking malware.
What happens if my Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield detects a threat?


Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield is offered to you free of charge to protect you online banking session from being interfered with by fraudsters and as a defense against malicious software that is trying to steal your online and banking credentials. Webroot SecureAnywhere is also a fully functioning Antiviruthat can detect threatthat your existing antivirus has missed. When a malwaredetection occurs you will be asked to upgrade. The threats can then be removed.


Clicking on Upgrade Now will take you to a Webroot a Webroot webpage where you can select the options required.Upgrading to Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus, Plus or Complete provides a great many benefits over other traditional antivirus products. Once upgraded, you can uninstall your existing Antivirus.

How do I install Webroot SecureAnywhere?


Click on the Webroot download link provided after you log onto your account.

The entire Webroot SecureAnywhere agent which is around 700 kilobyteswill be downloaded onto your PC within seconds. Depending on the browser, youwill be presented with a choice similar to the one below. Click Run to continue.



You may also see a security warning. Just click Run.



After the Run button is pressed WSA will begin to installand the initial installation screen will be shown.



Click Agree and Install



Depending on you PCs security settings, you may see awarning. Just click Yes

After a few seconds WSA ID Shield will be installed. Click Closeto complete installation.



No further steps are necessary and installation is now fully complete.


How can I see the user interface?
The easiest way to access your user interface is by double clicking on the Webroot tray icon.
Do I need to have administrator rights to install the Webroot SecureAnywhere software?
Yes, to install the software administrator rights are required.
I am not technical. Is the software difficult to set up?

No. The Webroot SecureAnywhere has been designed to be simple, fast and intuitive to set up and run.  It takes just a few secondto download and install, after which you will be fully protected.

I’m having problems installing Webroot SecureAnywhere, what should I do?

In the event of any installation problems you can contact Webroot support by clicking on Webroot Support and if you cannot find the answer you are looking for click on the link Open a Support Ticket link and create a support ticket. An engineer will soon get in touch with you or alternatively click here for 24/7 support

How do I uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere?

If you need to uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere, you should:

· Open the Windows control panel

· Select “uninstall a program” or “Programs and Features”

· Select Webroot SecureAnywhere, and uninstall

Will Webroot SecureAnywhere affect my use of the internet?

No.  The Webroot SecureAnywhere is designed to be unobtrusive, letting you know only if a malicious site is identified, by displaying a clear warning message on your screen.

Will Webroot SecureAnywhere affect any applications on my device?

No.  Webroot SecureAnywhere is designed to automatically set itself to the best possible configuration for maximum compatibility with applications and device.  If however an application is not working as desired, you can make simple or advanced  changes to the configuration More information can be found on the Webroot SecureAnywhere manual Product Guides 

Is there a user guide on how to use the Webroot SecureAnywhere software?

Yes, extensive product guides can be accessed by either rightclicking on the Webroot SecureAnywhere tray icon and selecting Help and Support,clicking on the question mark symbol within the user interface or by clickinghere: Product Guides

Will I need regular definition updates for Webroot SecureAnywhere software?

No.  Webroot SecureAnywhere does not require virus definition updates.

Webroot SecureAnywhere software will be upgraded periodically, this will be automatic and will not require user intervention or a reboot.

Where do I go for customer support?

Customer support is provided by Webroot. You can access supportdirectly from the product itself by clicking on Webroot SecureAnywhere tray iconand selecting Help and Support


 Capture 10

Or you can click on the question mark symbol on the main pageof WSA ID Shield.To access Webroot support pages Webroot Support pagesTo Raise a Webroot Support Case 24/7 Raise a Support case

What are the system requirements to install and run the Webroot SecureAnywhere?

Webroot SecureAnywhere has an extremely light footprint, meaning it has minimal impact on the speed of your PC, and will run effectively even onvery low specification PCs. However, for best performance we would recommend at least the following:

o Intel®Pentium®/Celeron® family, or AMD® K6/Athlon™/Duron™ family, or other compatible processor

o 128 MB RAM (minimum)

o 10 MB Hard Disk Space

o Internet access

What operating systems and browsers does Webroot SecureAnywhere software work on?


Operating Systems

o Microsoft® Windows® XP 32- and 64-bit SP2, SP3

o Windows Vista® 32-bit (all Editions), Windows Vista SP1, SP232- and 64-bit (all Editions)

o Windows 7 32-and64-bit (all Editions),Windows 7 SP1 32- and64-bit (allEditions)

o Windows 8 32-and 64-bit


o Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0 and highero Mozilla® Firefox®3.6 and higher (32-bit only) o Google Chrome™ browser 10.0 orhigher

o Opera 9 and higher (32-bit only)



0.0 orhigher

Opera 9 and higher (32-bit only)

Will the Webroot SecureAnywhere software slow down my PC?

Webroot SecureAnywhere is very different to other security products as it has been designed to be extremely quick and unobtrusive, with a high level of protection. It is small at under 1MB, and downloads in seconds. It is also extremely light, having minimal impact on the speed of your PC.

The software maintains a real-time link to Webroot’s threat database so that it is always up to date with the latest threats, so you do not need to worry about updates to your PC, which other security products need to do to protect you.

Do I still need to use the existing anti-virus software on my PC?

Webroot SecureAnywhere can replace or work alongside your existing anti-virus software, but unlike traditional anti- virus it is designed to protect your log-in details, such as username and password, as well as personal identity information like your bank account details.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is also fully compatible with other mainstreama nti-virus products and will work alongside your existing anti-virus softwareto detect and remove the threats it misses, and to protect your financial and personal information. You will not be asked to uninstall your existing anti-virus when installing Webroot SecureAnywhere.

What is the purpose of the Identity Shield?

Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity (ID) Shield is a unique productspecifically designed to protect you from on-line fraudsters. It assumes yourdevice is already infected and automatically closes doors normally present in PCsoftware to protect your online private information exchange on websites suchas your bank.

Even if your device is already infected with a hacking toolsuch as a key logger that reads, records and sends every keystroke you type onyour device to a criminal organisation, Webroot SecureAnywhere ID Shield ensureskeystrokes you enter ONLY reach the intended application such as your browserand not a hacking software such as a keylogger.

The ID Shield provides many more generic protectors that stopattackers from interfering or compromising your browser and ensures you go to theintended web site such as YOUR bank and not a website pretending to be your bank.

What sorts of threats are detected and stopped by the ID Shield?

Webroot SecureAnywhere ID Shield provides the following protection when on a secure web site such as yourbank account:

ü   Blocks phishing and know malicious websites

ü   Protects cookies and saved web site data

ü   Detects and prevents Man-in-the-Middleattacks

ü   Protects against keyloggers

ü   Protects sensitive clipboard data

ü   Protects against URL grabbing attacks

ü   Protects browsercomponents from external attack

ü   Protects against Man-in-the-Browser attacks

ü   Isolates untrusted browser add-ons form data

ü   Blocks browser process modification attempts

ü   Blocks suspiciousaccess to browser windows

What happens when Webroot SecureAnywhere ID Shield detects a malicious web site?

Webroot SecureAnywhere ID Shield is designed to provide protection without warnings and popups, allowing you to carry out your daily activities on your device. However, if you inadvertently stray onto a web site that has a known threat, WSA IDShield will display a warning. Unless you are absolutely confident that the web site you are visiting is genuine, for example it is not pretendingto be your bank and does not contain malicious content, you should always “Close”.

Important Note: WSAis a very powerful ally in preventing cyber-crime but is reliant on the individual acting responsibly. Ignoring warnings can result in compromised security.



Will my Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield remove threats?

No, but if your upgrade your Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield to Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus, InterneSecurity Plus or Complete it will remove any threatit finds. Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield is offered to you free of charge as a secondary defense against malicious software that ordinary Antivirusoftware is either ineffective against, cannot find otoo slow to detect and remove. You can upgrade your Webroot SecureAnywhere anytime by clicking on Upgrade or renew in My Account tab.  Once you upgrade you do not need another antivirus and your PC will speed up, but you can keep your antivirus if you wish. WSA is compatible with other antivirus software.


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