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Welcome to GTE Financial's Fraud Alert Services.

Together we are stronger!

Fraud is an unfortunate part of of today's financial reality. Rest assured, that GTE Financial puts member security at the forefront of all decisions and works diligently to ensure that our members' money is protected. That's why, we've introduced awesome Alerts that help provide additional peace of mind and greater control - all in an effort to help prevent fraud and keep your money safe.

Fraud Email Alerts

You can now receive timely updates notifying you of potential risks related to financial security. For example, if there is suspect activity happening that may affect individuals in our community; we'll let you know about it!  Staying informed is the key to staying protected. Sign up today!

Debit Card Alerts

Debit Cards are an extremely convenient way of making purchases and accessing money at the ATM. Receive alerts for your important debit transactions to better monitor your money and be quickly notified of any possible fraudulent or suspicious activity.

Visa Credit Card Alerts

With GTE's Visa Credit Card Alerts, receive an update by email or in a text message. There's no better way of monitoring your credit card activity.

Account Notifications

The number one question people have regarding their accounts, is how much money do I have? Balance alerts keep you informed. You can set thresholds and custom settings built to your preferences! In addition, set-up eStatement, Message Center, Invalid Login Attempt and External Account alerts, all set to your desired options within Online Banking.

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