Member Spotlight

  • Alan C.

    Alan was able to reduce his rate on his mortgage with GTE Financial and HARP's help! He saved his family $450 per month! Wow!

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  • Tracy R.

    Tracy had a high interest rate on their mortgage, but with the help of GTE Financial and HARP, she was able to reduce their rate significantly, saving $500 a month.

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  • Carolyn L.

    Carolyn is definitely in the running for Biggest Fan of GTE Financial: "Your staff are on a service cloud far above those of other financial institutions...other industries talk about the need for "success coaches" to motivate employees and improve interaction skills. I think they simply need to observe GTE Financial." Wow, thanks, Carolyn!

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  • Katherine C.

    Katherine was able to purchase her first car on her own, with a little bit of help from GTE Financial!

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  • Dawn G.

    Dawn is a native Tampa Bay girl, having grown up in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. She recently moved back to her hometown having lived in New York for several years. "I had always been with the big banks."

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